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2015 Gold Cup

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I don't think you need any more translation than you already got.

Mark Geiger refereed the Mexico v Panama semifinal, he called a late handball (Mexico had already had one dubious PK call to get through their quarterfinal against Costa Rica)... and later, Geiger admitted he made a mistake. All sorts of heck broke loose in Atlanta around that call, so lots of hurt feelings.

Geiger also admitted to not necessarily refereeing in MLS the way he does in CONCACAF and mentioned something about "entertainment value" when approaching MLS games. He's been assigned to Seattle v Vancouver this weekend, and there's certainly some social media buzz about him being assigned to that. Of course, he refereed at World Cup last year, so he's close to untouchable with regards to USSF and MLS.

Or, as we say around here, Panama got CONCACAF'd. Wasn't the first time. Won't be the last.

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