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Mario and Sonic at Rio 2016

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The Rio 2016 edition of the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games was announced last month at E3, with the WII U and 3DS versions likely to be released around Christmas or at the start of 2016. I just came about this while reading on an arcade news site, and if it's true, this would be the first Mario and Sonic Olympic title to be released in arcades.


In all likelihood, it's set to be released in Japan first, and then come out to Western arcades later in the year. The cabinet does look pretty cool, but I would hope the gameplay, arcade and home console, will have been drastically improved since the 2014 title.

I hope I've got this in the right place, and if it isn't, feel free to move this to the appropriate location. I hope I did, considering I don't post very often.

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