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FIVB World League / Grand Prix 2015

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For the 2015 World League finals in Rio continuing tomorrow, host Brazil was eliminated today.

USA v. Serbia on one side in the semi-finals; it's France v. Poland for the other.


The women's Grand Prix finals will be in Omaha, running July 22-26. As of press time, Brazil, China, Italy, Russia and host USA take 5 spots. Sixth spot was still up for grabs. My guess is it'll be between Serbia and Japan.

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It was weird watching TWO gold-medal, volleyball matches at the same time. I had the women's Grand Prix China v. USA on my tablet; and then the ARG v. BRZIL men's of PanAm on the NBCSports channel. I was going to say that the women's game was more dynamic but ARGENTINA really pounded the Brazilians who have great, new good-looking players! Migod, the Argentines were ON FIRE!! (And then Brazilian women lost to the USA in the PanAm gold). This was not a good year in indoor VolleyB for the Brazilians.

The World Cup in Japan in September for the Olympics has an EVEN MORE PUNISHING schedule: 11 matches in 17 days -- for TWO places. Unless the USA women fall apart, USA is bound to be one of those 2. The other spot will be fought over by Russia v. China.

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