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Canada at the Pan Am Games

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Team Jumping is not looking too good for Canada. Can only afford to be beaten by the Brazilians or the Americans.

Looking much better now - Canada is guaranteed at worse a two-team jump-off for first. Olympic qualification is a done deal.

Edit: Canada wins team gold by one fault. Argentina also qualifies for Rio.

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Should get two more gold in Athletics tonight

Damien Warner had a good lead (256pts) with only two events left for the Decathlon

Natasha Wodak at the 10,000m have the best time for that distance this year among the participant tonight

And why not another gold tomorrow at the Men's 200m ? and a gold at Heptathlon the next day ?


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We'll find out in the mens tournament. Holy crap.... who are these guys. The US isn't sending it's A, B, C, D.... or even Z team.

Mostly NCAA players aiming to improve their NBA draft stock with a handful of pros based in China, Russia, and Puerto Rico with a sole relatively unknown NBA player from the Sacramento Kings coached by Gonzaga coach Mark Few with Colorado's Tad Boyle and former NBA coach Mike Brown as assistants:


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Canada sneaked by Brazil 0-0 (5-4) on penalties in men's field hockey - after having beaten Brazil 9-1 in pool play - to make it to the finals against Argentina.

Canada will qualify for the Olympics either as Pan-American champion (if they beat Argentina) or from the World League semi-finals (if Argentina wins).

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Can't believe the Canada-Brazil game. Beat them 9-1 and then struggled to beat them after beating New Zealand and Spain not too long ago.

Thank Jebus Canada survived and qualified in Team Jumping. Winning gold was just the cherry.

Canada pretty much qualified for the Olympics in everything the COC was hoping for from these.

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So damn the US has surpassed their medal count from the 2011 Pan American Games, so far earning 1 more gold and with 2 more days of competition to go. Team Canada couldn't stop the beast that is Team USA. But good on them for a solid 2nd place in the medal count!

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I just hope that Canada can translate its Pan Am success internationally, and that by the time Rio 2016 wraps up, they don't come back with just the one gold medal (unlike London 2012). You'd think that with a population of 33 million or so, they'd do better at the Summer Olympics than just the one. Even Norway, which has a much smaller population and is better at the Winter Olympics, has done better in recent Summer Olympics than Canada. I'm not expecting Canada to get double digit gold hauls in Rio and Tokyo and beyond, but they should be doing better than they have been. Hopefully they'll get more than three golds in Rio.

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Also interesting.

Brazil improved 34 medals (23 Gold) between 2003 and 2007, only decreased 4 gold and 14 medals in the next edition

Mexico improved 60 medals (24 Gold) between 2007 and 2011, current decrease of 23 gold and 47 medals

Canada has improved 42 gold, 78 medals so far.

For Brazil this indicates a greater improvement in sport because they were able to maintain success. Mexico was a flash in the pan host combined with the absence of pelota Basque.

Canada is looking at a final total in the 215 area.

Currently has 197

Still to come:

Men's High Jump

Men's 5000m

Men's 4x100m relay

Women's 1500m

Women's baseball*

Men's individual bowling

Women's fly boxing*

Women's light boxing*

Men's basketball*

Women's team foil*

Men's field hockey*

Women's +68kg karate*

Women's team racquetball*

Men's team racquetball*

Men's individual table tennis*

Women's softball*

Men's volleyball

*guaranteed medals

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They are sports. But the near non existent number of participants, fans and competition make them unworthy of inclusion.

Racquetball is popular in the Americas, top end earners can be in the 300k range. About twice as much as squash.

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PanAm sports programme consists of the Olympic sports + disciplines with regional significance, to reflect the sports culture of the continent. Surf will be included in Lima 2019, for example.

Other continental games follow a similar formula.

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