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I found a nice apartment in Ipanema - very close to the metro station "General Osorio"...

It's a great location.

Well, I would like to host you in my house too. But I'm moving to another neighborhood until the end of the year. I need to better organize my life in the next months, only. I just need more time. Just a few more months for a definitive answer.

And I can show cool places in Rio for you. No problem.

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After the wonderful London Olympics I decided to attend the Rio Olympics, too. I am looking forward to another amazing experience - my second Olympic Games, my first time in South America! I have re

Another information: There is a trekking (between 2 and 3 hours) to the Christ the Redeemer Statue inside the Tijuca National Park. This trekking begins at 'Parque Lage' (It's a beautiful park near Co

You need to go on top of the Corcovado! (I´m sure you will) Well when we stayed in Rio the train wasn´t in service for some reason and we get up to the top in one of those tiny busses (7 to 9 persons

Catete is a good location. Near the Flamengo Beach and the city centre.

Is someone organizing a GB meeting? I will be there also.

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To CAF and other german friends.

Even though you can find many things in the stores here that you can also buy in Germany, in any case, will be a culture shock for you. I say this because my girlfriend is german and she have some difficulties when comes to visit me. I will give some examples. We have some varieties of bread here but does not compare to what you can find in Germany. You will hardly find a black bread here. Brazilian food almost always come accompanied by black beans, something you are not used to. Maybe you like it but she hate it. I recommend to look for self-service restaurants. They have this name written in english on some sign. There is no predefined menu. You take your plate and choose from the many varieties of food and the quantity you want. If you don’t like to eat too much, it can be even cheaper, as you pay per grams consumed. The peper they give to you after weighing the plate is your bill, don't lost it. There is no need to leave a tip in restaurants here because it's already included in the bill. The problem is that most of our restaurants are not outdoors. I know you give value to a sunny day and prefer to have a lunch in a sidewalk than a dark place with cold air-conditioned. But you know, the sun here in the summer is not as pleasant as in Germany. Perhaps a good option is to eat at a kiosk in Copacabana beach. They have a wide variety of "petiscos". My girlfriend calls meal :lol:

Speaking about beach, the water temperature here during our winter will be more enjoyable than a summer in the Baltic Sea. How about have a caipirinha on the beach? Maybe a beer? Know that our beers are very good. We even have an Oktoberfest in Santa Catarina state. If you're curious you can try a brazilian beer in Germany. My girlfriend told me she found Brahma beer in Frankfurt and Leipzig. But if you want to swim please come dressed in your swimwear. I get shocked when my girlfriend was naked on the beach to put the bikini she brought in her bag. I had to explain after that unless she's on top of a decorative car in a carnival parade, public nudity is considered the crime here and you can take a reprimand of some security staff on the beach. I know the brazilian bikini is pretty much the same thing as you are naked, but if you want to flirt with a girl (or boy?) Treat with respect. Foreigners have a very wrong idea about brazilian women because of the clothes. They wear few clothes because of the heat. They are not prostitutes, they are normal women and like to be treated with respect.

About language, hardly anyone here will speak german. You can find someone speaking german in some tourist places but this will not help much. You can communicate in english with employees at tourist sites, hotels, airport and probably in competition venues, but if you are not fluent in portuguese, this may be a problem in other places. If you want to have fun somewhere and needs a translator, feel free to invite me. I scheduled my vacation to august and my girlfriend will be in Germany ;)

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