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2024 Compare and Contrast

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I fear too many are underestimating the presence of Hamburg. It's a mighty fine city and not the infrastructural mess/complexity that is Berlin. Most German cities have a problem with international reputation because they generally have sucked at Marketing themselves. If you dig deeper into what Hamburg offers it is more apparent the benefits to its bid. Is it enough, time will tell. But of all the potential hosts this round, it is the one that just feels best suited to me as the bid ties strongly in with the cities developmental objectives, much more than stories for others.

And yes, South Africa stopped caring about 2024 long ago. We can't juggle 2022 Commies and 2024 bid, that would be madness, counterproductive and have no public support

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I don't think it's a matter of underestimating Hamburg. I think most are being quite objective about them. Most people have admitted that their compact concept is quite intriguing & that the city is an attractive one. But we're still talking about a high-profile international competition here (& let's not forget the seeming reforms the IOC is trumping about lately with agenda 2020, which doesn't fall in line with all of Hamburg's heavy construction projects). With Paris in the picture, I don't believe that all of Hamburg's attributes will mean that much, sorry to say.

There's several other great cities out there that had just as much to offer, like Madrid, Chicago, Toronto & Osaka, etc, but the IOC chose for other compelling factors to make their ultimate decision. And I firmly believe Paris, at this point, has many of those compelling factors to clench it this time around. The only way I see Hamburg's chances dramatically increase, is if they're the main European competition (along with Rome). But as long as they're not, I feel that they're there as a 'just in case' scenario, imho.

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