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Toronto 2015 Opening Ceremony Live chat

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I'm just going to say this; look at this ceremony with an open mind. Cirque is simply playing to their strengths; they're used to doing shows within enclosed arenas like this.

Yes, it may not be fully Olympic-level (but thenagain, neither are the Pan-Am Games), and some aspects could have been executed better, but it's still a good showing.

I was never going to be disappointed by Cirque Du Soleil's involvement in the OC, and I'm not. Of course they're going to perform brilliantly, they are a professional group that were hired for the OC. They certainly didn't do this for free. Whereas past organizers of OCs for the Pan American Games, and even the Olympic Games, all rely predominately on volunteers for their performances.

And it doesn't have to be a fully-Olympic level performance. Rio 2007 and Guadalajara 2011 wasn't, but what they both did that so far Toronto has failed to do is utilize the whole stadium for their show. They could have still successfully pulled off this OC by utilizing the whole stadium and given the paying audience a better view instead of just catering to the home audience who isn't paying a damn thing to see these live.

I've always been one to believe that if you are going to throw a successful OC, you better make sure you take care of your live audience first, which Sydney 2000 was one of the last ones to do.

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It's a shame that Toronto is such a rainy city it would have been lovely to have an outdoor OC with the CN tower in the backdrop. I don't know how they would handle a SOG OC if it rains in an athletics stadium. They sure as hell cannot host it in Rogers Centre it's too small. They might have to consider building a soccer/NFL stadium with a retractable roof!

BTW, the speeches are by far more boring than the Parade of Athletes.

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