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Perfectly adequate, fun logo. And better than anything Tokyo has shortlisted.

Wouldn't hamburg though, in a sense, also be the "safe & secure" bid? Yeah, Hamburg would have to build more than Paris, but you said it yourself, economically speaking, Germany is the most sound

Please, after 2022 mess, they are making efforts to change that. They just want countries to build **** loads of stuff for the Olympics Not always, again Istanbul 2020, Manchester 2000... It's not e

I Saw The Logo On Instagram & YouTube, And I Found This Campaign Logo.


I Hope This Works. It's Gold And The Line Colored By The Hungarian Flag Is Between The A And The P.

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It's not a bad logo. Im not a fan of the colour choice, but I can see river and the Liberty Statue on Gallert Hill. Not ground breaking but an ok job.

Kind of reminds me of the fingerprint/Maori/topographical map inspired logo of Te Papa: The Museum of New Zealand


Nice wee video on their website too.

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Not bad, actually I think it's the most innovative of the bunch since Rome and Paris played it safe. Though the logo seems to belong more to an hispanic/portuguese country rather than Eastern Europe :P

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