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IOC shuns Sportaccord (along with almost everybody else)

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From Reuters (also available on multiple news sites):

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Sunday suspended its recognition of SportAccord, whose president Marius Vizer resigned last month after sparking a row over the control of international sports federations.

Vizer had challenged the IOC's grip on global sports, accusing it of being dated and blocking the creation of new events as well as lacking transparency.

His sharply-worded comments triggered a wave of departures from the umbrella organization, representing some 100 international sports federations.


Many of the departing federations accused Vizer of a unilateral move and not speaking on behalf of SportAccord's members.

The IOC said in a statement that it would support the federations "in all the initiatives being taken to restructure their representation following the serious internal problems of SportAccord."

"We do not want the clean athletes to suffer in any way from this vacuum. We are offering the international federations concerned all the services and advice in the fight against doping which have been offered so far by SportAccord and financed by the IOC and WADA.

"We will be making the same offer with regard to good governance as well as on match-fixing and related corruption, and the IOC is ready to provide this support directly. We must ensure that there is not a vacuum during this ongoing process."

The statement added: "Like many members of SportAccord, we are suspending our recognition and we will withhold our funding until these questions are answered and an agreement between the stakeholders has been reached," added the statement

"We are awaiting the outcome of the consultations and, when the time is right, we would like to invite these stakeholders here to discuss how services can best be provided in the future to the above-mentioned organizations."

(Editing by Mitch Phillips)

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Cold War was over, they said.

Aw well maybe if Putin wasn't a prick this resurgance of Rusophobia wouldn't had happened.

Or maybe, at this particular time, it would. Following the FIFA catastrophe, I would imagine a lot of people in sport federations are searching for ways to make themselves look like the good guys.

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