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Blatter resigned

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Now waiting for the replacement, but being honest, i'm not too optimist related for a big changes inside FIFA. For a bigger change, the institution must be destroyed anx rebuild first.

Still, it will definetely some reforms and maybe a new election for the 2022 host.

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When the ExCo is made up of people from the football powers Cayman Islands, Bahrain, Papua New Guinea, Cyprus, Thailand, Burundi, Congo, Kuwait and Malaysia what do you expect to happen from this?

One of the more obvious compromise candidates would have been Danny Jordaan but yea corruption. Chung Mong-gyu would be interesting but conflict of interest with Hyundai. Sunil Gulati is American and therefore a non-starter. Hayatou, Villar, Platini, D'Hooghe and Mutko are all dirty in one way or another. Others are too old.

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The end of a (very shameful) era.

Haha yes he left abruptly, his fat ass didn't even take his sweet time!


David Ginola to run as president. Also, Figo announced he would be back to the race (he dropped just some days before the scandal blew up last week)

Hmm, a man who dropped out around the time the scandal started back in the race? Maybe that's a sign that it's best he doesn't run again, it's like he wanted to avoid being a part of that whole mess until it sort of died down.

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