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Is it too late for another entry?

(although I'm still not sure if I'm allowed to go with Canada...)


The logo's wide range and shades of colors represent diversity. The reds and oranges represent a sunset, and the blue divider between the reds and greens represent the Ottawa River. The green itself represents the lush environment and summer weather in Ottawa. Inspiration from the patterns on the logo comes from the pointy rooftops I found on Google Images :P

I'm not shocked ;)

Hey, if anyone wants do Schaumburg Illinois, their 2016 Olympic bid will provide great support :P :


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The Application Deadline is gone! No More Entries. Here are the Official Candidates!

Houston, Texas, USA

(BR2028, Latin XTC)

Brasilia, Brazil


New Orleans, Lousiana, USA


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Withdrawn/Cancelled Bids:

Havana, Cuba


Candiature Files Deadline: Sunday 31st June 2015

I will all Candidates the very best!

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The Bid Book must be in PDF Format and must have the following:

-Introduction (Why your City would make a good host, Concept, The Proposed Dates)

-The Venue Plan (Include Capacities of Venues during the Games)

-Maps and Pictures of the Proposed Venues

-Media Facilities

-Misc (You can pick between Weather or Accommodation)

That is what is needed, but you can add as much as yoy want to it!

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Ottawa Committee Releases Venue Map



Clockwise from top-left: Venue Map, Distance Overview (square represents athletes' village), Rail Transportation, Preliminary Festival Zones

After leaked preliminary plans surfaced earlier this week, the Ottawa Organizing and Planning Committee for the Pan and ParaPan American Games of Ontario, Canada (OOPCPPAGOC) has publicly revealed the expected final venue plan. "It's only suppose to represent a general idea of where the venues are spread out and located," says Bob, the leader of the OOPCPPAGOC. Most events seem to be contained within one circular area with a 16km (10mi) radius. Most events will be held within Ottawa city limits, but several will be held in nearby Gatineau across the river. Three main clusters are shown: the Downtown Cluster (which mostly comprises of temporary venues), the Riverbank Cluster (featuring new community facilities for post games use), and the Rideau Cluster (home of the IBC and possible Athletes' Village location). The venues' close proximity will offer a festive atmosphere, which combined with the numerous of other events held in the city during the time, will create a buzzing environment for tourists, residents, and athletes to enjoy. Ottawa's numerous green spaces and cultural/tourist destinations will also take part of the grand festival. Neighborhoods are encouraged to organize activities of their own.

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Erm.. the bid won't be evaluated like how the IOC or PASO would do. All I'm going to do is make a new thread which will contain the links to everyone's bid books, after the other users have gone through them, they will vote for the bid of their choice on a poll set up by myself. The bid with the least votes will be eliminated in each round.

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