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I’ve been very eager to set up a Bid Contest!! I went and looked around in the Forums and found there was already a 2023 Pan Ams Comp, but it didn’t finish. I hope to get this Contest from start to finish and I hope we get a variety of entries! To enter, here is what you have to do:

-Name the City you are bidding with

-Submit a Logo (With ‘Candidate City’ since I don’t want to do a whole Applicant Phase)

I will accept 1 US City only, so the first to enter a US City will bid for the US. If I feel kind then I might do more than 1.

The Deadline for Applicants: Thursday 4th June 2015

After you have submitted your Logo, you can start work on your Candidature File. It’s up to you whether you create a Full-Sized Bid Book or a Brochure. It must be in PDF Format, However, it must be able to explain the following:

-An Introduction:

-Why the City you have chosen will be a Good Host

- The Concept of the Bid

-The Venue Plan

-Maps and Pictures of Venues

-Media Facilities



^That is what is needed but you can add on to it if you want :)

The Deadline for Candidature Files will be: Sunday 31st June 2015

If Extensions are needed, I’ll add a week, but that’s all.

I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! If there are questions, then just leave em below! :)

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Ok, this Contest will continue, sorry ddavenport but I put my Contest up first and hence I will continue with it. Here are the current entries:

- Houston, Texas, USA (BR2028, LatinXTC & ddavenport)

- Havana, Cuba (Myself)

I hope we have more entries!

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Havana submit Bid for 2023 Pan American Games

Havana, Cuba

Last night, the Cuban Olympic Committee met with PASO (Pan American Sports Organisation) to discuss it's plans to host the 2023 Pan American Games in Havana. Havana has already hosted the Pan American Games back in 1991, they have also hosted the Central American and Caribbean Games back in 1982. Havana also made 2 unsuccessful attempts at hosting the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics, failing to make the shortlist. In the meeting last night the COC discussed the potential venues for the Games if Havana does host. Venues include sites built for the 1991 Pan American Games such as Estadio Panamericano and Velodromo Reinaldo Paseiro. The COC also revealed their logo:


(Couldn't upload the Logo, so I just put up a link)

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I would like make a bid to Brasilia.

Welcome! Glad you entered! I feared a lack of entries but I'm happy to have someone else!!

So here are the bids so far:

Houston, Texas, USA (BR2028, LatinXTC & ddavenport)

Brasilia, Brazil (bairrosfelipe)

Havana, Cuba (Me)

More entries welcome!

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Can you take ddavenport off of the Houston bid committee? I haven't been able to contact him and Latin and I are primarily finished with the bid. It would be nice to have another person to help, but as of now he hasn't been available.

Houston Submits Bid for the 2023 Pan-American Games:


5/29/15 Houston - Today city officials announced that the city of Houston will be submitting a bid for the 2023 Pan-American Games. The Mayor touted that the bid and games will be funded primarily by private enterprise and promised a minimal tax increase if the bid succeeds. Although not much was given away about the contents of the bid it is rumored that Reliant Park and the Astrodome will play a significant part in the bid. In addition to formally announcing the bid, a logo was released by the committee. The logo features a star divided into five colors; red for the cities passion, blue for the bayou's and harbor that have made the city successful, yellow for the cities sunlight, green for the cities parks, and black for the cities involvement in space. The star shape is meant to symbolize both the nation and state of Texas. If Houston wins the games it will be the first time for any major international multi-sport contest to come to Houston or Texas.

The closest the city has come to holding such an honor was in 2002 and 2006 respectively when the city submitted bids for the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. It is suspected that the bid for the Pan-American Games will follow the precedent given by those bids. However, it must be noted that the Pan-American Games is a smaller event compared to the Olympics. The Pan-Am's as they are refereed to, is a two week sporting competition only open to nations in the America's. The last US city to host the games was Indianapolis in 1983 and the last North American city to host will be Toronto this coming July.

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Ok, I have found a few things I missed out on the file requirements, lets go through this again.

The Candidature File must have the following:

-An Introduction (Why your chosen City would make a good host, Proposed Dates)

-The Venue Plan (Include the Capacities of Proposed Venues during the Games)

-Maps and Pictures of Venues

-Media Facilities

-Misc (Accommodation and Weather)

For Misc you can do either of the two.

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Ok, I've spent an hour doing my Introduction, Gosh, these Bid Books take longer to make than I had thought

I find that to be one of the easier parts, just a lot of fluffing. The hardest was the venue plan, glad I cleared that hurdle!

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