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Judgment Day for FIFA?


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Oh, this is just too brilliant.... :D

Jack Warner accuses US of "double standards", citing in a video a news story about the US wanting the World Cup to prove his point.

His source: The Onion.


Jack Warner thinks The Onion is real :lol: :lol: :lol:

Full video/deluded rant is on his Facebook page.

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I think the DFB is right to say that a boycott would be inactive. It would severely damage the leverage of the sponsors and create more animosity between the various factions.

I also wonder if the reason behind Blatter running after the scandal erupted was to prevent Prince Ali from becoming President and instead paving the way for Platini (gag) or someone else to run. But to me there is very few people within FIFA that are not damaged by the corruption. When Hayatou is still senior VP and Villar, and so many of the others that could be implicated in wrong-doing for the 18/22 vote who do you pick?

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Diego Maradonna! Zinidane Zidane! Luis Suarez!!


So what did the general meeting of 209 nations accomplish this weekend? :blink: I hope FIFA paid for all the delegates' airfare and hotels, as well as for the next extraordinary congress.

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In NSW Australia when a Local Council is sacked for corruption or incompetence a Board of 3 external experts are sent in to run things til everything is sorted out.

Wouldn't it be great if FIFA was run by a panel of external experts for say 2 years who could independently sort things out and set it up in a sustainable and transparent way.

Not going to happen I know.

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Yes, funny that Blatter announces his resignation but still has months to pave the way internally for whoever comes next.

There should be a "corrupt sports bodies task force" coming in the moment such things happen and do the clean-up and transformation. Ideal world, I know...

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The graphic is a little misleading. Mong-joon and Ogura were both pushed out of the ExCo and replaced by Pro-Blatter Asian officials after the initial fall-out. Including them with Grondona is not appropriate, or with Salguero. The graphic is also missing the Tahitian member that was expelled with Adamu. D'Hoogue has already admitted wrong-doing with the 2018 vote on his behave and accused Mutko of conducting the bribe. Yet both are green. As is Hayatou who is almost certainly under investigation.

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