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I like it. Being a regular visitor to Tokyo and knowing it's skyline and the colours of the cityscape it just works. It is industrial, perhaps even with a touch of steampunk. I think as westerners

You guys better quit this crap now before me or one of the other mods puts an end to this.

I doubt that this is it, as if nothing else, it's missing the red dot, which I would've expected between the Tokyo & the 2020 like in the bid logo at the very least. It's pretty nice, but I'm not sure what the shape is meant to be.

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If anyone was actually concerned, here's the source http://lindsayhapp.com/identity.html

I remember reading the statement when they announced the contest that you couldn't release the logo to the public on your own before the actual TOCOG release, so this is for sure not it.

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24, July

18:45-19:50 announcement ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 official emblem

7pm Tokyo so that'll be 10am UK if my thoughts are right :)

As yusuke said, the ceremony will start at 18:45 pm. I have already confirmed. Don't miss it! B)

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Really excited, since we'll also be getting the font and a hint towards the look of the games.

Also with the Rio video, I wonder if Tokyo's will also work in both 2D and 3D...

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