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Tokyo 2020 official logo

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/\/\ You're confusing bigger corporate clout with the priority rights of a smaller organization. Yeah, Tokyo and the IOC can crush the little guy. As I said, the non-profit theatre certainly didn't think...OH, we have to register this because a large international organization on the scale of the Boy Scouts or of Exxon will come and steal our design. Of course not. They thought of no such thing. In the creative world, it's usually who comes out first that has "first dibs" on the creation. Sure, Tokyo-IOC can ignore Leige, etc. And they're supposed to be for fair play and equality?? Sure could've fooled me.

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Look closely enough at the emblem. REALLLY study it and the "T" emerges in a way you at first don't expect, but when02you do find it, it is a02glorious realization.02The red sun then confirms your "Aha!' moment!02Only Japan can do something like this and be completely successful at it.

Honestly for me the logo will never represent Tokyo and Japan for me.. the logo will look good as a Toronto games logo or as the Theater de Liege logo because i can get the T and L as well i mean after living with the wild side of Japan here you will never expect such a formal yet too corporate logo from Japan and then what next? the Japanese football team using tuxedo as their away jersey for the games??? this is not the logo that we supposed to know about Japan that has many culture and objects that can make a better logo.. but anyway thanks for explaining your love for the logo now that i know why...
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'No truth' to plagiarism claims: Tokyo 2020 logo designer

The Japanese designer behind the logo for the 2020 Summer Olympics said on Wednesday there is "absolutely no truth" to claims it was plagiarized from a Belgian design, while Tokyo Games officials said legally there is no problem.

Questions about the 2020 logo arose last week when Belgian designer Olivier Debie said it was too similar to his design for the Theatre de Liege and that he was consulting lawyers, who sent a letter to Japanese organizers last week demanding a response.

Kenjiro Sano told a packed news conference in downtown Tokyo that he had never, and would never, plagiarize any design.

He considered his Olympics logo a career "masterpiece".

"It was a great honor to take part in the design competition, and I wanted to pour all my experience up until then into it. It took several days," Sano said.

"Of course I didn't take that (logo) as an example, there is absolutely nothing to that talk."

Sano's design centers around "T" for Tokyo and echoes the Japanese flag with its round red sun. Inspiration came from type fonts Didot and Bodoni, which he said had an appealing strength and sensitivity.

The overall layout is meant to suggest a circle in homage to the logo for the 1964 Summer Games, which Tokyo also hosted.

"I take a lot of time with every design, nurturing them like children. So for this kind of talk to emerge is really unfortunate and kind of sad," Sano said, adding that the controversy had made him a little depressed.

"If you're creative, you never start from zero and are influenced by a lot of things just through daily life. But it's also a point of pride that as somebody creative, you would never plagiarize."

Media reports have said Debie might ask for Tokyo to withdraw or change the logo, which the Belgian has admitted was not registered as a trademark but had gained international recognition through two years of use.

Tokyo 2020 officials acknowledged receiving the letter but declined to reveal its contents and said only that they were working with the Japanese Olympic Committee and International Olympic Committee on a response.

Hidetoshi Maki, Tokyo 2020 Marketing Director, said they had conducted thorough checks of trademarks throughout the world before revealing the logo.

"Their logo was not a registered trademark, so there is absolutely no problem," he added.

The fuss over the logo, which was unveiled on July 24 and has received mixed reviews from the Japanese public, is just the latest mishap to befall Japan almost two years after it won hosting rights for the 2020 Games over Madrid and Istanbul.

Last month, it suddenly scrapped the design for the new National Stadium, the centerpiece of the Games, due to public outrage over skyrocketing costs. A new design will be chosen later this year and construction will begin in 2016.

A committee from Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party met to discuss the stadium on Tuesday.

Their recommendations, to be submitted to the government as early as Friday, may include building a smaller stadium and opting not to build a new one at all, instead relying on existing stadiums.

No cost estimates have yet been established.



Kenjiro Sano, designer of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games logos, explains his designs during a news conference in Japan. (Reuters Photo)
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Many liars have had convincing faces though, otherwise they wouldn't be able to fool people. However the coincidence with the Tokyo and Liege logo is very uncanny.

The text font doesn't look bad, though. I just wish the numeric ones weren't such a mess.

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Is there any information on the theme song for Tokyo or who's behind it? It's very uplifting, you can hear it on the emblem reveal videos.

I went through this thread looking for an answer, but all I got was a bad taste from all the pseudo-racist vitriol from barron-piere. Left me really wondering how you guys put up with him.

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Is there any information on the theme song for Tokyo or who's behind it? It's very uplifting, you can hear it on the emblem reveal videos.

Song title is "Dream is all", and singer's name is not open to the public for now according to TOCOG.

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Song title is "Dream is all", and singer's name is not open to the public for now according to TOCOG.

Theme song of the video(https://youtu.be/wcob_ELMK8g) was composed by Fumihiko Igarashi.

But listen to this song...


Extremely similar! :wacko: Another plagiarism!! :(

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Here we go...

Belgian designer files lawsuit over Olympic logo

A Belgium-based graphic designer has filed a lawsuit demanding that the International Olympic Committee not use the current logo for the 2020 Tokyo Games.

Olivier Debie, from Liege, eastern Belgium, says the logo closely resembles one he created for a theater in the city 2 years ago.

Debie sent a cease-and-desist letter to the IOC and the Organising Committee of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on July 31st.

He said the Tokyo emblem violates copyright and that he will take legal action if the organizations fail to suspend its use within 8 days.

A lawyer for the designer issued a statement on Friday, saying that his client had filed a lawsuit with a Belgian court.

The Belgian side said in the statement that they will pursue the facts in court. They added a trial will begin on September 22nd.

On Wednesday of last week, the designer of the Tokyo emblem, Kenjiro Sano, held a news conference in Tokyo. He denied allegations that he copied Debie's logo.

The IOC also said the Belgian logo was not a registered trademark and that there is no problem in using the Tokyo emblem.

The Tokyo Organising Committee said on Friday that it will discuss measures to be taken after examining the complaint.

It added that the IOC sent a letter to the Belgian designer that was also signed by the organizing committee and the Japan Olympic Committee.

The IOC reportedly stressed in the letter that the Tokyo logo is an original one created based on its own process. The letter said the logo contains the values and messages of the Tokyo Games and shows its links to the logo of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.


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