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Rio 2016: Transport and Mobility

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I saw that some people here are worried and interested about the progress of the works of transport plan for the Olympics in Rio. I dont find any topic about it, so let's start.

BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) - This is the biggest plan transport to olympics. The BRT Rio has four lines connecting the four olympic crowded city. The first line was opened in 2012.

BRT Transolimpica (18 stations) - Conects the Barra Zone (Olympic Park, Golf, etc) with Deodoro Zone.

BRT Transcarioca (45 stations) - Conects the Barra Zone with Galeão International Airport.

BRT TransOeste (74 stations)- Conects the Barra Zone with the West of Rio.

BRT TransBrasil (44 stations) - Conects the Deodoro Zone with the Downtown of Rio and the Santos Dumont Airport.


Line 4 of the Rio de Janeiro Metro - This Line will conects the Copacabana Zone (Beach Voley, Sailling, Canoeing, Rowing, Cerimonies, Football, Aquatic marathon) with the Barra Zone(Olympic Park). This Zone have huge hotels and a lot of touristic points like the Sugar Loaf, Flamengo Park, and the Downtown of Rio.

This line have 7 stations in 16 km.


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Very impressive. Very impressive indeed. To see such a sleek urban transportation mechanism taking shape in one of the worlds most beautiful albeit "naturally challenging" cities is simply astounding. However, the real proof in the pudding is in the eating. Still, if the looks of the pudding are anything to go by, then it shall be delicious....a most delicious treat indeed. But I do hope that the Rio authorities do not get rid of all the wonderfully NOVEL ways there must be to travel around the city.

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Rio's "problem" is they built one of the world's major cities with *this* smack dab in the middle of it. Screws up just about any transportation plan.

In fact the geography of Rio is hard to built new subway lines, bridges and roads. Anyway thats possible with the actual technologies, but expansive. The Line 4 of the Metro in Rio used a huge tunnel boring machine to digging the line under the Gavea Stone, one of the top tallest mountain in Rio.

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were going to need a bigger stairway....

^^Typical "say some empty criticism without any knowledge".

This is one the access to the street, clearly withouth the elevator and the scalators (the station is not ready).

Just to clarify this station will be a transfer-station and the main access of this station will be inside the BRT Terminal, since around this station there aren't many buildings or commercial stuff.

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Light Rail Transit (LRT) of Rio

The LRT of Rio is transportation will transport people between the Port of Rio and the city downtown. The demand will be 300 thousand people per day and will be inaugurated until June 2016. Will not connect any venue/cluster of the Olympics, but includes a media village that will be used in 2016.

Here is a video about the tests with the model in France:


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Linha 4 should be ready in time or do you think there will be some major problems ?

The works are advancing very fast, most of the excavations has already been completed and there are several stations almost ready. I believe that everything be ready by the Olympics.

Works in Line 4

Project of the bridge conecting the South Zone with Barra da Tijuca:






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Does the airport still have the problem where cards used in the ATM machines at GIG get cloned and illegally used elsewhere?

It was a problem back in the beginning of the 2000s around all Brazil, it's not that common anymore, since most credit and debit cards uses chips now-a-days.

At least in Brazil, we rarely see credit or debit cards with magnetic technology...

And, people, some tips and notices you see around Internet are there to avoid problems - which is good - but they are not saying that that you will face those problems for sure...

Like taxi drivers in Rio International. Only get the taxis in the arrivals floor where yellow common cabs are allowed to get passengers, there you'll find a lot of City Hall employees organizing lines and giving you instructions in English and indeed, writing the name of your taxi driver and taxi number in a paper for you. In case of any problems, you can call City Hall and make a formal complaint.

Never get the taxis from taxi booths, they are overpriced.

And all other taxis that run freely around the airport can be scam or overpriced "special" service.

And IMHO, the best way to leave International Airport is by Real Bus, with air conditiong, that takes you direct to Barra or Copacabana/Ipanema area.

To reach Barra, BRT is nice too, but you need to check directions before going.

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