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contractually, i have to start a thread this month. what's your boyrfriend like?

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mine was freaking annoying. i think he had aspergers, so i broke up with him.

not sure if he's noticed or not. (it was like talking to myself for four months.)

anyway, i want to hear all about your boyfriend. what does he do? what color brown is his hair? will you trust him to pick me up when i'm too drunk to drive that we won't hook up because my friend jose's boyfriend doesn't.

i guess if you have a girlfriend or smthng you can talk about her but i'm not reading that ****.

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thank you everyone for realizing that i don't want to hear about your lives, but just needed an excuse to talk about myself. i feel like we're finally getting on the same page.

you know what else i hate? seeing exes with "couple shots" as their facebook photo. cruel and unusual punishment if you ask me.

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