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[sorry in Advance if this Topic is Wrong Catagories]

From http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/24966-thailand-national-games-and-youth-games-opening-and-closing-ceremonies/ zigzag recommend me for make new topic at here and now I start this topic and this is

This is

"Ceremonies in Youtube"

This forum everyone will share the Opening and Closing Ceremony of every sports event(Recommend the Multi-Sports Event like Olympic,Asian Games,Pan American Games etc.)

And I will Start this topic from my countries(Thailand)

This is 5 Opening Ceremonies of previous Thailand National Games and Youth Games(More from my blog at head of this topic).

42nd Thailand National Games/Suphan Buri January 2014


30th Thailand National Youth Games/Sisaket March 2014(Incomplete beacuse not have some first part)

40th Thailand National Games/Khon Kaen March 2012(Hlight)


29th Thailand National Youth Games/Maha Sarakham March 2013


39th Thailand National Games/Chonburi December 2010

Parade of the Province(Hilight)


Thailand National Games Flag Entry the Stadium,Thailand National Flag Raising Ceremony,Lighting the Cauldron and Last Show


This is just the beginning of this Topic You can Share or Comment the Ceremonies to here everytime if you ready.

Thank you Very Much.

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Oops!!! It seems that you misunderstood my words that I was meant to say that there is a existing ceremonies thread here : http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/19110-ceremonies-on-utube-pt-2/

Next time you should join other ceremony fans there.....

I'm Want To Say A Deep Sorry For This Misunderstood...

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