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Leningrad 1994


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This Bid has got me really interested over the past few weeks. However, researching on it was extremely difficult, there is like nothing about this Bid that exists apart from:

This Wikipedia Page:


And I believe a picture of the Mascot Neptune:


It's interesting since Saint Petersburg (Leningrad) hosted the Goodwill Games in 1994 too. I wanted to know if Candidature Files or Bid Related Materials were published since the Wikipedia Page shows parts of the Venue Plan but does not tell the source e.e

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I did some research and found they intended to Bid for the 1996 Winter Olympics, So this kinda shows the Bid was considered back when Winter and Summer OGs were held in the same year. I also found out that they Leningrad 1996 Olympic Committee met with the Committee of Anchorage 1992 basically saying that they will support their bid if they support Leningrad's for 1996.

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I have seen some pictures of the proposed venues, but I can not remember where.

Were they Renders? That would be interesting! I would imagine Kirov Stadium being the Centerpiece of the Venue Plan whilst the Lenin Sports and Concert Complex hosted a few events.

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