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Eugene awarded 2021 IAAF World Championships

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A grassroots event every once in a while could do the bigheads in those organisations quite good. Also, it's not as if they were expected to sleep in 20-bed dorms for two weeks...

If this is Nike's baby as someone said earlier, Nike will make sure that the Godfathers of that baby will be well-fed during the baptism.

It's Oregon, not Kamtchatka.

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No one is going to want to rent a car to drive around Oregon with jetlag after twelve hours of flying.

Don't worry your pretty little head. The VIPs won't be lining up at the Hertz or Budget counter to pick up their car rentals. They will be picked up and shuttled around in at least some A/C mini-vans -- or some environmentally correct tricycles. LOL!!

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Eugene 2021 organizers want to host the 2020 Olympic Trials AFTER renovations are complete. Certainly a good test event.

Yup definitely would. It shouldn't take too long for renovations to finish so there's no risk of delays there.

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So now I wonder who Phil Knight is trying to squeeze for cash. The stink is starting to take hold.

The 2020 Olympic Trials were already relocated. So if this actually gets done...

...oy vey...

...you're probably making the 2021 season (Ducks, Pre, NCAA) the shakedown cruise.

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So this happened... http://www.oregonlive.com/trackandfield/index.ssf/2018/04/university_of_oregon_rolls_out.html

Thing is, this is what the organizers say is the complete 12,500-seat POST-Worlds Hayward Field. What the organizers say is that they’ll put temporary bleachers in the gap in the northern part of the stadium. So that phallic errrrrrrrrrrr tower is a 9 story “admin and communications” building and observation deck... if that gap is it, the bleachers would have to be three times the height of that tower. A later interview “clarified” that they’d also stuff seats into the rest of the structure. 

Having been to enough Major League Soccer facilities, I’d argue that structure looks like it holds a lot more than 12,500. Of course, never trust a rendering. I’m not the only person who gets the sense, in the end, that they’ll SAY there’s 30,000 people without coming all that close. If that rendering is close, however, I could easily see a post-Worlds structure with extra-wide seats and all the latest party-deck what-nots.

People in Eugene are upset that the east grandstand is not being preserved. It’s nearly 100 years old, really rather iconic, et cetera, but it’s Phil Knight’s money and the university is steamrolling ahead. They MIGHT even have it ready for the re-bid 2020 US Olympic Trials. 

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The first render is for 30,000 seats, not 12,500.

I remain unconvinced by this whole IAAF in Eugene fete. It seems to be a nakedly Nike managed event rather than any sort of grassroots American event. To put everything so completely in the hands of Phil Knight seems like a mistake to me. But so long as everyone agrees to it I suppose it's their choice; Adidas' world cup in Germany turned out fine.

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On ‎5‎/‎28‎/‎2018 at 7:52 PM, Nacre said:

The first render is for 30,000 seats, not 12,500.

I remain unconvinced by this whole IAAF in Eugene fete. It seems to be a nakedly Nike managed event rather than any sort of grassroots American event. To put everything so completely in the hands of Phil Knight seems like a mistake to me. But so long as everyone agrees to it I suppose it's their choice; Adidas' world cup in Germany turned out fine.

Do you have evidence stating the render is for 30,000? This has been a point of contention in the media ever since the release of this rendering...

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Dates confirmed for World Athletics Championships Oregon 2022
08 APR 2020 Press Release


A renovated Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon will now host the World Championships in 2022. (University of Oregon)

The World Athletics Championships in Oregon have been rescheduled to 15-24 July in 2022, following the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Oregon World Championships were originally scheduled for 6-15 August, 2021, but have been rescheduled to the following year to avoid a clash with the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The World Athletics Council approved the new dates this week after extensive discussions with the sport’s stakeholders including organisers of two other major championships due to take place in July-August 2022, the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and the multisport European Championships in Munich.

The new schedule will prevent a direct conflict between any of these major events and, with careful programming, will ensure athletes can compete in up to three world-class competitions.

In an extraordinary international season for athletics, all three events will be held across an unprecedent summer of sport. The World Championships will begin a unique celebration of the sport, followed by the Commonwealth Games and the European Athletics Championships as part of the European Championships.

"This will be a bonanza for athletics fans around the world," World Athletics president Sebastian Coe said.

"They will be treated to six weeks of absolutely first-class athletics. More than 70 of our Member Federations are part of the Commonwealth and more than 50 of our Member Federations are European so our guiding principle in rescheduling the World Championships was to ensure enough space was created around the centrepiece World Athletics Championship for athletes to choose other major events to compete in. We were also very mindful that we did not want to damage the other major championships in 2022, because they are also very important to our sport.

"We believe we have found a solution that will allow athletes who are eligible for the other two events to compete in them with the Commonwealth Games Federation planning to stage the athletics programme towards the end of their event. This will showcase our sport to its best advantage in the circumstances and we will continue collaborating with all competitions on the detailed programming.

"We would not have chosen to have three major championships back-to-back but it will give us a unique opportunity to promote our sport and its stars around the globe over a six-week period.

"I want to particularly thank Oregon 21 LLC and all its stakeholders for their collaboration and flexibility as well as all World Athletics’ partners and broadcasters who are so critical to delivering the Games and taking it into the homes of millions of fans."

Niels de Vos, Executive Director of the World Athletics Championships Oregon 22, said: "I should like to thank Oregon’s stakeholders for committing so early to the postponement, allowing maximum flexibility on dates for our friends at World Athletics, just as they have been flexible with us in ensuring our plans can remain on track despite the 12 month postponement. Oregon 22, as we must now get used to calling it, will be kickstarting a global festival of international track and field championships in the summer of 2022 that will be a fantastic experience for athletes and fans alike."

CGF President Louise Martin said: “I would like to thank the leadership of World Athletics for a hugely constructive approach to working with the CGF. Our collective objective has been to ensure that, in this unprecedented time of global upheaval in all our lives, as well as its impact on the international sports calendar, the interests of athletes are at the centre of all decision-making. We will continue to work together to create space within our schedules to provide athletes with the opportunity to safely compete to the best of their abilities at multiple world class events."

Libor Varhaník, Interim Chair of the European Championships Munich 2022, said: "On behalf of all the stakeholders of the multi-sport European Championships Munich 2022, I would like to thank World Athletics for working constructively and collaboratively with us in finding a new event date that respects the major events already scheduled in 2022. The international sports calendar has been hugely impacted as we battle this terrible global health crisis, and in discussions with World Athletics and the Commonwealth Games Federation our mutual goal has been to put the interest of our athletes at the forefront of our thoughts.

"The European Championships will continue to work closely with World Athletics and the Commonwealth Games Federation to ensure that athletes, media and sports fans are able to enjoy an amazing summer of sport across three world-class events in 2022, from Oregon to Birmingham and culminating in Munich in August on the 50th anniversary of its hosting of the Olympic Games."

World Athletics


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It’s pretty nice. Official listed capacity is 12,650, expandable to 25,000 for the Worlds and for the Olympic Trials (so much for the 30,000 minimum, SMH). There are views from the open concourse that will probably be standing room along with bleacher space at the north end. 

If anything, the pandemic helped by allowing for this year’s shakedown cruise. OTOH, they’re already refunding Olympic Trial tickets for this summer due to a realization that larger gatherings are still problematic (Oregon numbers had surged the last two weeks) and it is unrealistic to expect major improvement by mid-June. 

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