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Bid Comp 2028: VOTE HERE!

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Ladies and gentlemen,

Mesdames et messieurs,

The 127th Session of the International Olympic Committee has now been called to order - the moment has finally arrived!

You may now cast your ballots in the Olympic City Election to determine the host of the 2028 Olympic Games (the Games of the XXXIV Olympiad). The following three cities have formally proceeded to this election:

The Executive Board has recently published the Evaluation Report regarding the hosting of the 2028 Summer Olympics. It is intended to provide an overview of the Executive Board's assessment of each of the bids.

You are encouraged to consider these documents and then decide which of the three Candidate Cities you want to host the 2028 Olympic Games. There is also this session's very own Tumblr page, which you might want to check out!


In principle, you are eligible to vote if you have been a Gamesbids member prior to 18 January 2015, with a solid and bona fide posting record (at least 100 posts) and good standing within the board. If you're one of the three bid leaders for Melbourne, New York City and Sapporo, you are permitted to cast your ballot - but may not vote for your own bid. As President, I retain my full voting rights and will decide towards the conclusion of the vote whether I will even cast my ballot.

Casting your Vote

  • You are asked to cast your ballot in this thread by writing down all the names of all Candidate Cities, and placing a 1 next to your first choice, a 2 next to your second choice and a 3 for your third choice
  • You are not to explain why you chose a particular city
  • You must refrain from any derogatory, negative, prejudicial and any other detrimental remarks towards one of the three competing Candidate Cities during all stages of voting
  • You will cast your ballot in this thread, in public - in limited exceptions, I may consider letting some forum members send me their votes via PM (*bear in mind that I cannot permanently monitor mine for the duration of the voting process, thus a public vote is recommended to guarantee there are no delays)

Final Remarks

  • The Olympic City Election will take place from this Saturday, 4 April 2015, 00:30 GMT until 5 April 2015, 09:00 GMT. Votes registered beyond the deadline or in violation of these rules will not be counted
  • The President shall act as the Returning Officer of the election, and shall take any measures necessary to ensure the orderly conduct of the election. His decision on any disputes is final and beyond formal review. This includes questions regarding the status of individuals wishing to participate in the election
  • A newsfeed shall inform everyone about the result of the Olympic City Election from Sunday, 5 April 2015, from 17:00 GMT onwards. The IOC President is scheduled to announce the result sometime around 18:00 GMT on the same time.
Good luck to all the Candidate Cities!
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Good Afternoon from a windy Wellington. We have been very impressed by all three candidate cities and their bid documents are exceptional.

After much consideration, here are the results of the IOC Member for New Zealand:

1 - Melbourne

2 - New York City

3 - Sapporo

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We're halfway through the voting process - you have until tomorrow 9:00 (am) GMT to cast your ballots!

Your vote, your choice - come out and vote!

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Due to this being a weekend, voting has been extended until 16:30 GMT. A formal announcement event will start at about 17:00 GMT. Stay tuned for more later today!

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I have decided to cast my vote in this Olympic City Election.

In my capacity as President, I'm also emphasizing once more that said vote will serve as a casting vote in the rare event of a tie.

1. Sapporo

2. New York City

3. Melbourne

Good luck to all the Candidate Cities

Another hour and 50 minutes to cast your votes, for anyone who hasn't had the opportunity just yet!

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