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Bid Comp 2028: Evaluation Reports AND Instructions for Saturday's Voting

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The President

To: the Members of the Gamesbid Olympic Family

For immediate release

London, 2 April 2015

Re: Evaluation Report and Instructions for Voting in the 127th IOC Session on Saturday
The International Olympic Committee hereby has the pleasure of announcing the publication of the Evaluation Report regarding the hosting of the 2028 Summer Olympics. It is intended to provide an overview of the Executive Board's assessment of each of the bids.
The following Candidate Cities have formally proceeded to the Olympic City Election to take place during the 127th Session of the International Olympic Committee in Vienna this Saturday, 4 April 2015:

Final Vote

It's now been almost 3 months since the bid process was launched. It will conclude with the vote of all IOC members on the Candidate City. The following principles shall apply to the execution of this election.

  • The Olympic City Election will take place this Saturday, 4 April 2015, from 00:01 GMT to 23:59 GMT on the same day
  • An "IOC Member" shall be every Gamesbids Forum member who registered prior to 18 January 2015 and possess a sufficiently meritorious and solid posting record.
  • The vote shall take place in public, though (limited) exceptions can be made for those who are adamant about guarding the secrecy of their vote.
  • The voting system used will be the preferential voting system also applied in Australian federal elections. In other words, all voters will have to designate a number for each Candidate City: 1 for their first choice, 2 for their second choice and 3 for their third choice. The three bid city leaders may not vote for their own bids, but are free to vote for the other two Candidate Cities, if they so wish.
  • First, the first-preference votes shall be counted. Should no Candidate City obtain an absolute majority on the first ballot, the Candidate City with the least votes will be eliminated and its votes distributed according to its second preference votes.
  • The voters are to refrain from explaining their choice to the voters. No campaigning on part of the Candidate City or their supporters/opponents shall take place in any way, shape or form.
  • IOC Members are expressly encouraged to read the Evaluation Report and the Candidature Files of all three Candidate Cities
  • The President shall act as the Returning Officer of the election, and shall take any measures necessary to ensure the orderly conduct of the election. His decision on any disputes is final and beyond formal review. This includes questions regarding the status of individuals wishing to participate in the election
  • By the way, on its Tumblr page, the IOC offers fresh perspectives on the three Candidate Cities.


A newsfeed shall inform everyone about the Olympic City Election from 17:00 GMT on Sunday, 5 April 2015, from 19:00 GMT. The IOC President is scheduled to announce the result sometime around 18:00 GMT on the same time.

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