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Could a Reno/Lake Tahoe bid be doomed before it's created?

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With drought problems happening all over California, not even the snowcapped mountains are safe. Snowfall has been very low this winter, and the mountain peaks are almost barren of snow according to this article.


So far it seems to be affecting Squaw Valley the most, which is the 2nd largest ski resort in the Lake Tahoe area behind Heavenly. But Heavenly isn't completely safe from dwindling amounts of snowfall this past winter either. A local newspaper reported that the California side of Heavenly closed down a week ahead of schedule, but the Nevada side is still planning on closing down the middle of April provided that conditions don't worsen there.


Sure this is more than 10 years before a 2026 WOGs, and 4 years before they name a host for those games, but California's drought conditions have been getting gradually worse, and there's a chance that the mountains may be permanently affected as well.

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