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2018 European Sports Championships hosts announced

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Not posted here for a while and having searched can't see anything mentioned, but this news came as a surprise when I stumbled across it this morning - are the European Games doomed before they begin?


Glasgow and Berlin are to host the inaugural "European Sport Championships" in 2018, with Berlin hosting Athletics and Glasgow hosting Swimming, Cycling, Rowing and Triathlon, with the possibility of Golf being added too. I'm guessing Berlin had already been awarded the athletics championships so this is a compromise.

This has a lot going for it - support from the relevant bodies meaning they'll be elite championships and full events, and I think most importantly guaranteed coverage by the EBU, meaning free to air coverage across Europe on national broadcasters.

Hopefully common sense will ultimately prevail and the two events will merge to become the event Europe deserves. Think it's going to take some time though.

More details of the locations: http://www.european-athletics.org/news/article=leading-sports-bring-together-their-european-championships-2018/index.html

I do think the athletics being elsewhere might cause problems but I guess it's a compromise that has got European Athletics on board. I wouldn't be surprised to see more organisations join up before 2018 too.

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If I'm not mistaken, the European Sports Championships are just a series of sports that have decided to stage their continental championships in the same city at the same time, whereas the European Games are a different event, like the Olympics, Pan Ams, etc. There's no reason why they should clash, but it's true it is surprising to have 2 multi-sports European events when only a couple of years ago we had none.

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