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Cairo 2032!

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I still get an error. Do they plan to move the Cairo International Stadium there for any future Olympic bid? That's 1 venue in the city already available! :P No, scrap that, it's a proposed new city east of the Cairo. It plans to have an international airport to supplement the existing one. I suppose with new road and public transport links, this could support any future Cairo bid.

However, it could just end up like Brasilia, Brazil. How did that saying go? "50 years of prosperity in 5"?

Here we are: http://thecapitalcairo.com/vision.html

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I made the suggestion that it would someday launch an Olympic bid. Old Cairo is impossible to host an Olympics. If Istanbul couldn't win, old Cairo certainly won't. So, an Olympics or an Expo would show off the new capital...which I guess is still unnamed at the moment. Altho they could simply call it New Cairo...or Mubarak CIty!! LOL!!

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