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GB Docs Project.

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Ok, so I saw this thread that Khaled made, it was about making a website or something containing all Documents submitted by the users to various bid competitions. Unfortunately, I think he scrapped that idea... Anyways, I want to take that project into my hands and am going to get it done. If you don't know the thread I mentioned, here is the idea.

I will setup a Site or Uploading Acc (Like Issuu) and I will collect bid documents that Y'all have made and upload them onto that Site/Acc, this would showcase the work you all came up with and also can help people who are working on their Bid Books. What do you all think of this idea? and can you please upload your Bid Books and either PM them to me or just put a link on this thread which will help me put them onto the Site/Acc.

Also, do not worry about submitting the Applicant/Candidature Files from the current 2028 Bid Comp since I can download them.

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