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:wacko: Well...The seventies have caught up to Paul Gatz aka Glam Rock singer, Gary Glitter. Sentenced to 16 years prison. The 70 year old convicted paedophile has been jailed for historic abuse of schoolgirls as young as eight.

The judge sentenced him serve 16 years in prison and regrets that he was bound by sentencing laws of the 1970s in which these crimes took place.

Further charges against Gatz are pending and his sentence could be stretched further...and very likely will die in prison.

This case is one of the many that have come forward by the Operation Yewtree commission set up when serious allegations against the late disgraced DJ/presenter Jimmy Saville came to light after his death in 2011.

Yewtree was set up to investigate the BBC cover up of sexual harassment cases made against Saville and other stars of the 1970s/80s era.

Last year long serving entertainer/artist 80 year old Rolf Harris was sentenced to eight years prison for similar charges.

As recently as last week, an investigation against British rock and roll star, Cliff Richard was reopened when further evidence was found of alleged improper behaviour to minors.

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