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all i can talk about tonight is that damn dress


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the dress is the only thing i can talk about. i don't have time for anything else tonight, except visiting dozens of articles about the dress and refreshing twitter to read more about the dress, and texting people, who for whatever reason don't care about the dress, about the dress. i am literally rocking back and forth possessed by the dress. wtf was i going so crazy over ߷ for when it's all about the dress???

i mean, it's gold and white, obviously, but apparently it's really not. it just looks that way to people who can see.

so why do people see different colors? apparently from one of the 352 articles i've just read:

What The **** Is Wrong With Your Eyes? A Dress Explainer

Your retina is comprised of rods and cones. Rods are more sensitive to light, but see shapes and not color. Cones are sensitive to color, but less sensitive to light — i.e. in darker conditions, you're seeing more with rods than cones. You have three sizes of cones, blue (smallest) to red (biggest), as seen on the graph above.

Whether the dress appears as blue/black or white/gold depends on whether your eye has more rods or cones, and also the ambient lighting conditions in the room. (This is thanks to the different colors that are produced by additive and subtractive color mixing.) Different people have different balances of rods and cones — most notably color-blind weirdos like myself — hence different people seeing different colors, and families brutally murdering each other over this mess.


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Was all crap basically. Problem was there was 3 different images.

There might be now, but people are definitely seeing the different colours in the same image. I can see from a thread on my Facebook feed that people are arguing over exactly the same picture.

It's all about depth and colour perception.

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Just found out about this a couple hours ago as it has made the rounds during the talkshows and newscasts. At first glance it looks blue and black from the picture I seen on TV, now this picture posted online looks lighter. It's weird, as if the picture has been altered. Anyways, it's funny how asking about the colour of a dress completely went viral worldwide.

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Looks blue and brown to me but this wasn't an option so I went for blue and black.

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