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Recently I've come to the tragic conclusion that "krow" must die. "krow" as you have come to know "him" is a relic. "He" exists in a sexist, archaic male-dominated, patriarchal, misogynistic, homophobic society that gives lip service to the different, to the unique, to the independent while prizing nothing but bland, anodyne conformity. "He" is an intolerable symbol of everything worth hating in the world. Your names are, too.

"krow" evokes ravenous birds. Anachronistic, racist laws from the American south. Catchy pop hits like "Soak Up the Sun." No capital letters.

"krow" was a tasteless, bland attempt at subversive humor. Tired, offensive stunts. Tireless self-promotion and personal branding. "krow" had become a shell of its original intent. Doomed from the start to be nothing more than a pawn playing by the rules (more or less) in an unjust society; content to subvert just enough to get a quick rise, he had become the GamesBids equivalent to the discount airline who offers $1 fares and films reactions for a viral marketing campaign. A despicable, complacent creature. A well-known "A-lister" with powerful connections running deep into the GamesBids elite. "krow" was everything "krow" would have hated.

"krow" is dead. Long live ߷.

What, you might ask, is ߷? ߷ is freedom from an oppressive, restrictive alphabet. From the binds of modern social convention. From social normatives. From "krow."

߷ rejects "krow"

Some of you maybe can't see ߷. IDK what to tell you, upgrade your browser or something. I will no longer reply to "krow." I will no longer reply to any name that has oppressed me in the past. My state of mind, in its present enlightenment, will only permit me to be addressed as ߷.

More traditionally, ߷ is a Gbakurunen, a symbol from the N'ko West African writing system that represents the three stones that hold a cooking pot over the fire. But to you it cannot be pronounced any more than it can be thought of or even written. ߷ is just a representation for ߷. It is not the only representation for ߷, just the most logical. To those who use the N'ko writing system, it signifies the end of a period of text, kind of like the three stars you see in some novels that means the end of one part of a chapter but not the full, real end of the chapter.

But ߷ isn't an ending. Nor is it a beginning. It represents my three natures, removed from the hateful binary that enslaves this society. I am not male. I am not female. I am ߷. It is a gender. It is a name. It is a state of mind. It is the Alpha and the Omega. It means I love you. It means I hate you. It kind of looks dirty. It means this portion of the text is over. It is open to interpretation. It is free of sexism and hate. It is full of sexism and hate. It is no one thing without being the other. It is a paradox. It is a mystery. It is an open-ended question. It has an answer. The answer, of course, is ߷.

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Although "krow" wasn't speaking to you because of your attention grabby remarks in your Life Is Stupid status update, krow is dead.

You will have to fix your issue to realize the full enlightened brilliance of ߷, and also paypal me some money. There may be a solution on this page or via googling why unicode characters are displaying as boxes. This is a public service announcement. It's meant for everyone. This is the sort of thing ߷ will be doing.

߷ is love. But also terrible terrible hate.

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If you will not allow yourself the experience of ߷, I'm not sure ߷ can affiliate with you either. You're still stuck in the hateful, restrictive world "krow" was once trapped in. You must let ߷ unshackle yourself. The change does not start with ߷. It starts with you, and also the font settings in your control panel.

߷ can help you, but first you must let yourself be helped.

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Is this you Puppy? You're not still chasing that Dragon are you? ;)

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Somekind of humorless play on the whole 'the artist formally known as prince' stunt.

That is offensive, and exactly what I would expect from someone trapped in the old paradigm. First of all, while I would leave you to know humorless when you see it, you seem to have missed the point entirely -- another of your great talents.

I have achieved enlightenment, and I don't have you to thank, I actually have Rob. to thank. Yesterday krow noticed (for the first time probably because krow rarely noticed anything about people who weren't krow) that Rob. had a superfluous period after his name. "Why should Rob. have the most pretentious name on GamesBids?" krow wondered aloud, and thus ߷ was born and enlightenment achieved shortly after on a slow Thursday.

krow would have taken this opportunity to mock you, uproariously. ߷ just pities you on new and profound levels.

߷ be with you.

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