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Cricket World Cup 2015 Opening Ceremony Live Chat

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I've decided I liked this show.

It was never really trying to be a traditional opening ceremony, and I think it worked well for where it was staged.

It may not have been flashy, but it was a good community event full of heart that worked for a city still suffering and rebuilding.

As darkness often does, it also turned out to be visually half decent.

The shots at the end with the towers, the stages and the crowd all lit up actually looked quite stunning .

A good backyard themed friendly show.

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Now Lorde impersonator is back with another parade of nations

For Christchurch, yeah probably appropriate, but for an nternational Sporting event Opening Ceremony watched by 1 Billion people - pretty lame.

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Yeah, considering that on the news they were going crazy about the biggest fireworks display in Christchurch since the Millennium. Major letdown there, i reduce my mark to 2/10 based on no fireworks.

Where Kim DotCom when you need him lol

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:blink::unsure::rolleyes::huh::D Just watched...Thanks to My Sky...errghh...Glad I missed it! What a crappy TV event that was.

Apologies to the rest of the world...As we mentioned a few years ago, the OC should've been in Auckland or Melbourne, but hey.

5/10 for me...and that's pushing it pretty much like that mash up in Glasgow by their local Natives last year.

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I think that's a little bit of a silly analogy don't you?

That was a couple of speeches in a conference hall.

This is infront of thousands outside featuring cultural performances, sporting celebrities, music and dance (including popular music acts) and fireworks.

More like a Christmas in the Park/ Symphony Under the Stars I'd say.

And Granada didn't have him


Damn who are these 3??? They are quite tasty! :wub:

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Interesting to know if anyone saw the Australian opening ceremony from Melbourne. I just watched it from mysky

Now of course with the backdrop of the skyline it had that added x factor, but for those who didn't see it, it was exactly the same format to the Christchurch opening.

It was concert based, a few led screens and a stage, and a bunch of singers. Brief cultural performances from each participating nation, and a few Aussie singers.

Oh, and a welcome from a native (just for Scotguy) by the name of Aunty Joy.

The one different item would be a puppet of the cwc logo.

To be honest, it actually looked less impressive than the Chch one, with far less people by the looks of it.

Of course, fireworks over Melbourne are always gonna look lush.

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