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Russia 2018 World Cup - Qualification

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Confusion for me between Dominica and Dominican Republic. I thought it was the same country. Yes, not in Toronto. I realised that just affer I posted my message. The game in Toronto will be next thu

Europe's Group A is brutal. Also, still really disappointed in how dependent on luck Europe's and Africa's qualification systems are.

When you are bragging about beating Guatamala, it might as well be over. We suck.

UEFA narrowly voted to have Kosovo as member state, that doesn't give them FIFA membership automatically though.

Very similar with Gibraltar and UEFA. Surely FIFA would have no choice but admit the Kosovars too and avoid another legal saga.

There's 9 European groups with the last two groups of 5 instead of 6. So maybe FIFA and UEFA could conduct a coin flip between Gibraltar and Kosovo to determine who goes where in Groups H and I. At least Gibraltar will avoid Spain here.

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I don't want to imagine an hypotetical match between Serbia and Kosovo. The incident count will be horrendous, even worse than the quarrels with both Albania and Croatia. I wonder how are they going to prevent this.

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I don't want to imagine an hypotetical match between Serbia and Kosovo. The incident count will be horrendous, even worse than the quarrels with both Albania and Croatia. I wonder how are they going to prevent this.

UEFA has rules in place that avoid certain pairings as much as possible, at least for national teams, not sure about club matches. Spain/Gibraltar, Armenia/Azerbaijan are certainly no-gos, and there might be more though they probably thought the whole Balkans would nowadays be less problematic, hence Serbia/Albania.

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Kosovo, Gibraltar join FIFA before 2018 World Cup qualifying

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Gibraltar and Kosovo have been admitted to FIFA, increasing its membership to 211.

FIFA will fast track the European nations into the 2018 World Cup qualifying groups which kick off in September.

Kosovo's entry could see a wave of transfer requests to FIFA from players who opted to represent countries, including Albania and Switzerland, before Kosovo started to get international soccer recognition just two years ago.

Serbia refuses to recognize Kosovo's declaration of political independence in 2008 which is accepted by more than 100 United Nations member states.

It is likely FIFA and UEFA will need to separate the Serbia and Kosovo national teams and clubs in competition draws.

Similarly, Gibraltar and Spain teams have been kept apart since the British territory joined UEFA in 2013.



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Fifa can today confirm sanctions imposed on several football associations for discriminatory and unsporting conduct of fans in relation to chants during 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying matches as well as international friendly matches.

Following match reports and additional evidence generated by the Anti-Discrimination Monitoring System, FIFA opened disciplinary proceedings against the associations of Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Croatia.

Chile was sanctioned with a ban on playing at the Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Prádanos in Santiago for two official matches and fined CHF 30,000. The first suspension will be served at the next match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers between Chile and Bolivia, whereas the implementation of the second is suspended subject to a probation period of two years in application of art. 33 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code (FDC). The proceedings relate to homophobic chants by the teams fans and follow previous sanctions for similar incidents during the preliminary competition of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Moreover, Mexico was fined a total of CHF 35,000 for two cases while Honduras was fined CHF 40,000, El Salvador CHF 35,000, Paraguay CHF 20,000 and Peru CHF 15,000 for individual cases related to various incidents involving discriminatory and unsporting conduct by fans, including homophobic chants in some instances.

In addition, Croatia was sanctioned to play its next two matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers against Turkey on 5 September and Iceland on 12 November 2016 without spectators and fined a total of CHF 150,000 for two cases of discriminatory chants by fans, which occurred at the friendly matches of Croatia v. Israel on 23 March 2016 and Hungary v. Croatia on 26 March 2016. The Croatian FA had already been sanctioned for similar incidents by FIFA and UEFA.

The Disciplinary Committee took the decisions after analysing all of the specific circumstances of each case, in particular, the position adopted by the association (if applicable) as well as the anti-discrimination match observers report and the relevant evidence available. The committee has absolute discretion regarding the evaluation of proof (cf. art. 97 par. 1 of the FDC). The concerned parties have been notified of the decisions.

Besides the monitoring and sanctions of potential incidents, FIFA has put in place a comprehensive strategy to tackle discrimination, which includes the FIFA Good Practice Guide on Diversity and Anti-Discrimination, training, awareness-raising and the support of member associations in developing robust educational and preventive measures.

Further details on the cases are available in the disciplinary overview document for the 2018 FIFA World Cup preliminary competition.


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OFC Group B

Fiji 2-3 Vanuatu

New Zealand 1-0 Solomon Islands

final standings

1- New Zealand 9 pts

2- Solomon Islands 3

3- Fiji 3

4- Vanuatu 3

New Zealand, Solomon Islands and Fiji advance to OFC qualifying 3rd round

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Group A

Papua New Guinea 8-0 Samoa

Tahiti 1-1 New Caledonia

Final Standings

1- Papua New Guinea 5

2- New Caledonia 5

3- Tahiti 5

4- Samoa 0

New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea and Tahiti also advance to OFC third round

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I've looked at the South American qualifying group...Brazil are 6th. I think 5 qualify. I mean, the 7-1 was bad, but is there a chance Brazil might not make it to Russia?! A World Cup that could have Wales but not Brazil...talk about crazy :wacko:

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Brazil is the only team that qualified for every world cup, but this can't last forever. And maybe the time is now. I never saw a brazilian team so bad technically since 1990. We could make two or three teams and beat any good team, but now we are struggling to make a team that can beat Ecuador or Paraguai. The risk to not go to the world cup is real.

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Do you think you can make it? I mean, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile & Colombia are all obvious threats but I don't know much about Ecuador - but they're second. I don't know what the playoff arrangement is - if you come 5th it might be a knockout with New Zealand :P

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Kosovo and Gibraltar assigned to 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying groups

Following the decision taken by the FIFA Congress in May 2016 to confirm the admission of Kosovo and Gibraltar as the 210th and 211th FIFA members respectively, both associations are entitled to take part in the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, with UEFA tasked to look into the best way to integrate them in the preliminary competition.

UEFA’s Emergency Panel has today decided that Kosovo will join Croatia, Iceland, Ukraine, Turkey and Finland in Group I, and Gibraltar will join Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Estonia and Cyprus in Group H.

The UEFA Emergency Panel also decided that Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia should not play against Kosovo for security reasons.


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