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Russia 2018 World Cup - Qualification


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Europe's Group A is brutal.

Also, still really disappointed in how dependent on luck Europe's and Africa's qualification systems are.

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Canada Will Play Against Belize In Round 3.

Antigua and Barbuda Will Play Against Guatemala

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Will Play Against Aruba

Jamaica Will Play Against Nicaragua

Grenada Will Play Against Haiti

And Curaçao Will Play Against El Salvador

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CAF Round 1

Somalia Will Play Against Niger

South Sudan Will Play Against Mauritania

Gambia Wll Play Against Namibia

São Tomé and Príncipe Will Play Against Ethiopia

Chad Will Plkay Against Sierra Leone

Comoros Will Play Against Lesotho

Djibouti Will Play Agai Swaziland

Eritrea Will Play Against Botswana

Seychelles Will Play Against Burundi

Liberia Will Play Against Guinea-Bissau

Central African Republic Will Play Against Madagascar

Mauritius Will Play Against Kenya

Tanzania Will Play Against Malawi

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AFC Group H

Bahrain 0-1 North Korea

Uzbekistan 1-0 Yemen

1- North Korea 9 pts

2- Philippines 6

3- Uzbekistan 3

4- Bahrain 0

5- Yemen 0

Group C

China 0-0 Hong Kong

Qatar 15-0 Bhutan

1- Hong Kong 7 pts

2- Qatar 6

3- China 4

4- Maldives 0

5- Bhutan 0

Group E

Syria 1-0 Singapore

1- Syria 6 pts

2- Singapore 4

3- Japan 4

4- Afeghanistan 3

5- Cambodia 0

Group B

Jordan 0-0 Kyrgyzstan

1- Australia 6 pts

2- Jordan 4

3- Kyrgyzstan 4

4- Tajikistan 1

5- Bangladesh 1

Group F

Iraq 5-1 Taipei

1- Thailand 6 pts

2- Iraq 3

3- Vietnan 0

4- Chinese Taipei 0

5- Indonesia - Desqualified

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Group D

Maldives 0-3 China

Hong Kong 2-3 Qatar

1- Qatar 9 pts

2- China 7

3- Hong Kong 7

4- Maldives 0

5- Bhutan 0

Group F

Chinese Taipei 1-2 Vietnan

Thailand 2-2 Iraq

1- Thailand 7 pts

2- Iraq 4

3- Vietnam 3

4- Taipei 0

5- Indonesia DQL

Group E

Afghanistan 0-6 Japan

Cambodia 0-6 Syria

1- Syria 9 pts

2- Japan 7

3- Singapore 4

4- Afghanistan 3

5- Cambodia 0

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Group A

Palestine 0-0 UAE

Malaysia v Saudi Arabia - Abandoned


1- UAE 7 pts

2- Saudi Arabia 6

3- Palestine 4

4- Timor Leste 1

5- Malaysia 1

Group B

Bangladesh 0-4 Jordan

Tajikistan 0-3 Australia

1- Australia 9 pts

2- Jordan 7

3- Kyrgyzstan 4

4- Tajikistan 1

5- Bangladesh 1

Group D

India 0-3 Iran

Guam 0-0 Oman

1- Iran 7 pts

2- Oman 7

3- Guam 7

4- Turkmenistan 1

5- India 0

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CONCACAF 3rd round

2nd leg

Belize 1-1 Canada (1-4 agg)

El Salvador 1-0 Curacao (2-0 agg)

Haiti 3-0 Grenada (6-1 agg)

Nicaragua 0-2 Jamaica (3-4 agg)

Aruba 2-1 St Vincent and Grenadines (2-3 agg)

Guatemala 2-0 Antigua and Barbuda (2-1 agg)

Canada, El Salvador, Haiti, Jamaica, Saint Vincent and Grenadines, Guatemala adavnce to 4th round

Group A: Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Canada

Group B: Costa Rica, Panama, Haiti and Jamaica

Group C: United States, Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Guatemala

the top two of each group will advance to final hexagonal 5th round

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Malaysian FA sanctioned after abandonment of FIFA World Cup qualifier

FIFA’s Disciplinary Committee has sanctioned the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) after serious crowd disturbances led to the abandonment of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ qualifying match between Malaysia and Saudi Arabia on Saturday 8 September.

After analysis of all the circumstances of the matter, in particular, the match officials’ reports, FAM’s positions as well as the relevant videos and pictures, and due to the seriousness of the incidents, the Disciplinary Committee decided that the next home match of the ‘A’ representative team of Malaysia in the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying competition (Malaysia v UAE on 17 November 2015) will be played without spectators. The committee also decided to impose a fine of CHF 40,000 and issue FAM with a warning.

Furthermore, the Disciplinary Committee decided that the match be declared to be lost by forfeit by Malaysia (0-3).




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South Sudan's World Cup debut ended early by rain

South Sudan's first appearance in a World Cup qualifying match was abandoned because of heavy rain after only 10 minutes played.

Wednesday's 2018 preliminary round first-leg qualifier at home to Mauritania was suspended with the score at 1-1 and then abandoned when there was no easing of the extreme weather conditions.

Despite the short of amount of time played, South Sudan still managed to mark their historic appearance by scoring their first World Cup goal - the honour going to Dominic Abui Pretino, who struck on five minutes to cancel out Boubacar Bagili's third-minute opener.

Fifa has said the match will resume on Thursday at 11:00 local time from the point where the match was stopped. The sides are scheduled to meet for the second leg in Nouakchott on Tuesday 13 October.




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AFC 2nd Round (winners of each group and the four best runner-ups advance to 3rd round)

Group E

Syria 0-3 Japan

Singapore 1-0 Afghanistan

1- Japan 10 pts

2- Syria 9

3- Singapore 7

4- Afghanistan 3

5- Cambodia 0

Group F

Vietnan 1-1 Iraq

1- Thailand 7 pts

2- Iraq 5

3- Vietnan 4

4- Chinese Taipei 0

5- Indonesia DQF

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