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Russia 2018 World Cup - Qualification


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Group A

Sweden 2-1 France

Netherlands 5-0 Luxembourg

Belarus 2-1 Bulgaria




Group B

Latvia 0-3 Portugal

Faroe Islands 0-2 Switzerland

Andorra 0-1 Hungary

1- Switzeland 18 pts

2- Portugal 15

3- Hungary 7

4- Faroes Islands 5

5- Andorra 4

6- Latvia 3


Group H

Bosnia Herzegovina 0-0 Greece

Estonia 0-2 Belgium

Gibraltar 1-2 Cyprus

1- Belgium 16 pts

2- Greece 12

3- Bosnia Herzegovina 11

4- Estonia 4

5- Gibraltar 0


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Group C

Germany 7-0 San Marino

Norway 1-1 Czech Rep

Azerbaijan 0-1 Northern Ireland



Group E

Poland 3-1 Romania

Montenegro 4-1 Armenia

Kazakhstan 1-3 Denmark



Group F

Scotland 2-2 England

Slovenia 2-0 Malta

Lithuania 1-2 Slovakia




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Once again, Japan clinches their World Cup berth at the hands of the Socceroos in Japan. :( Now the latter must blast Thailand out of the water at home in Melbourne in hopes of gaining automatic qualification to Russia, like a margin of 5+ goals (preferrably 10) with hoping both Japan and Saudi Arabia tying or Japan winning in Rihyad later on.

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