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Canada in Rio.

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You Canadians should be fairly happy with Team Canada's performance. I am. 3 more golds and 3 more O Canadas than Rosie McLennan's sole one from four years ago in London, of which she repeated. So there's progress there with hopes for the future in some sports like Andre De Grasse and Penny Oleksiak, the CC flagbearer. But as with any team, there's always points here and there where you wish they could perform better (there were many)--and even qualified to get to Rio De Janeiro like the Canadian men's basketball and women's volleyball teams. Already mentioned here, there's going to be some hard issues to confront like canoeing and rowing.  

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On 8/24/2016 at 9:19 PM, intoronto said:

I wonder why they are downplaying medal hopefuls for Tokyo.

On the men's side de Grasse, McBride, Thorne, Dunfee, Barber, Amhed and Drouin should all still be competitive or become more competitive for the distance runners and walkers. Even Warner could still be competitive. On the women's side it might be a bit more tight. But there is some talent in the 400m and 400m hurdles coming through. And Watson is still young

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