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Canada in Rio.

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19 minutes ago, Faster said:

Wondering if Cochrane played possum, or is really out of it?

So Canada has gone 2/4 in medal chances today and 2/3 in SI predictions. So SI had us at 6 medals today, Canada is at 9 and hopefully 10 by end of day.

Tomorrow there is women's heptathlon, women's team pursuit, women's 8's, men's 1500m, women's medley relay. Outside chances on men's trampoline and women's 50m free.

Unless wrestling goes really well, 18 to 19 is probably the finishing mark now.

I think tennis bronze and a medal by Caldwell is still a possibility today.

I think Cochrane gave it his all. 

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Disappointing with tennis. And Brianne Theisen-Eaton doesn't look too good. She'll need to get about a 100 points on the German and Bajan to move up. I don't think the Belgian will be a factor because of her javelin and 800m.

The ladies winning in soccer was fantastic and now to face the Germans. I can't see Canada beating the Germans again, but a win against Sweden for bronze is definitely do-able.

Jennifer Abel looked great in 3m prelims. Hopefully she can sustain her performance over 3 days.

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Extremely nervous watching the Women's Team Pursuit bronze medal match. Canada saved their best performance for last and dominated from start to finish. I am noticing that Canadian athletes seem to have their heads on straight a lot more then in previous Olympics. If you look at 2003 leading into 2004, or 2007 to 2008 etc, you see a lot of good, promising World Championship performances that get surpassed by improvements by those they beat. Now its Canadians improving on their world championship performances and delivering the goods. I am still unconvinced that Canada has the depth of team to finish better then 18 or 19 medals. But the quality of the results and the breadth of improvement has been a joy to watch from a long suffering Canadian.

Just noticed I am watching one of the best examples in diving. Both Canadians started off poorly, but have improved in each dive. After coming off the disappointment of the 3m synchro. Our previous round of divers packed it in a lot when things got rough or creaked under pressure.

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So SI predictions left

Canoe/Kayak Flatwater - Men's K1 200m - Gold - Mark de Jong

Canoe/Kayak Flatwater - Men's K1 1000m - Bronze - Adam van Koeverdan

Golf - Women's - Gold - Brooke Henderson

Athletics - Men's 4x100m Relay - Bronze

Athletics - Men's High Jump - Bronze - Derek Drouin

Athletics - Men's Pole Vault - Gold - Shawnancy Barber

Athletics - Men's Decathlon - Silver - Damian Warner

Wrestling - Women's 75kg - Bronze - Erica Weibe

Disappointing day overall. Rowing and swimming not coming through. Good on Theisen-Eaton for coming through with near-SB's to get into a bronze medal position. She left a lot of points on the table, but the fight back today was great to see. Women's 8 was a huge disappointment, especially losing to Romania.

Tomorrow might be the end of the 8 day medal streak. Only two medal chances, Andrea de Grasse in 100m and Jennifer Abel in 3m springboard.

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On 7/17/2016 at 10:52 PM, intoronto said:

My medal predictions for Canada:

Athletics: 6 - De Grasse in either the 100 or 200, Barber, Drouin, 4x100 relay (men), Warner, Brianne Theisen-Eaton. I don't think Bishop can beat three men ahead of her (sorry to be blunt).

Basketball: 1 - Women's team. Canada can beat any team in group A imo, but Spain/Serbia/USA in Group B will set the tone.

Boxing: 1 - With luck both women will need just one win to medal. Hopefully one can pull it out.

Canoeing: 1 - De Jonge in the K1 200

Cycling: 3 - Women's team pursuit; either Batty or Pendrel in the mountain biking, Beveridge in the omnium

Diving: 3 - Both women's synchro events and Jennifer Abel in the 3m individual event.

Golf: 1 - Brooke Henderson (hopefully, but this is probably the hardest sport to predict).

Gymnastics: 1 - MacLennan in trampoline

Judo: 1 - Again this is a hard sport to predict. However with three seeded athletes (Valois-Foriter, Beauchmin-Pinard and Zupancic) I believe 1 is possible. Others such as Reyes and Margdelion are young and have potential as well.

Rowing: 2 - Women's eights and Women's lighweight double sculls

Rugby sevens: 1 - Women's team

Wrestling: 3 - Gallays, Yeats and Wiebe to medal

24 in total

Yes I predicted 0 for swimming, but realistically I see no medals for Canada in swimming.


On 7/18/2016 at 2:23 AM, Faster said:

Athletics - 2; Damian Warner and Brianne Thiesen-Eaton

Canoe/Kayak - 1; Mark de Jong

Cycling - 1; Women's Team Pursuit

Diving - 1; 3m Synchro

Rowing - 1; women's lightweight pairs

Rugby - 1; women's team

Swimming - 1; one of the women I think

Wrestling - 3; not sure which since all can win a medal

11 total. Other predictions I've seen run 13 to 16.

It's fun to look back at these. G-d was I being pessimistic. You've been doing pretty well. Even when Canadians didn't medal where you predicted, they still came close.

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Really disappointed with Barber. I really like him. He is one of my favourite Canadian athletes. Plus pole vault is my favourite athletics event.

With the misses in canoe/kayak, things are looking tight to get to 18 medals.

Hopefully Derek Drouin comes up with the goods tomorrow.

Canada plays France in women's basketball. I think that it is going to be a lose

Mandy Bujold fights a Chinese fighter. I think it is going to be a lose

Canada plays Germany in soccer, I think it is going to be a lose

Richard Weinberger is racing in the 10km swim, hopefully he can put in a good performance.


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Canoe/Kayak Flatwater - Men's K1 200m - Gold - Mark de Jong

Canoe/Kayak Flatwater - Men's K1 1000m - Bronze - Adam van Koeverdan 9th

Cycling Track - Women's Team Pursuit - Bronze Bronze

Aquatics Diving - Women's 3m Synchro - Bronze - Jennifer Abel and Pamela Ware 4th

Aquatics Diving - Women's 10m Synchro - Silver - Meaghan Benfeito and Roseline Filion Bronze

Golf - Women's - Gold - Brooke Henderson

Gymnastics Trampoline - Women's - Bronze - Roseannagh MacLennan Gold

Judo - Men's 81kg - Bronze - Antoine Valois-Fortier 7th

Rowing - Women's Lightweight Double Sculls - Silver - Lindsay Jennerich and Patricia Obee Silver

Athletics - Men's 4x100m Relay - Bronze 

Athletics - Men's 20km Race Walk - Bronze - Ben Thorne 27th

Athletics - Men's High Jump - Bronze - Derek Drouin

Athletics - Men's Pole Vault - Gold - Shawnancy Barber 10th 

Athletics - Men's Decathlon - Silver - Damian Warner

Athletics - Women's Heptathlon - Gold - Brianne Thiessen-Eaton Bronze

Wrestling - Women's 75kg - Bronze - Erica Weibe

4 Gold - 3 Silver - 9 Bronze

If it wasn't for the surprises in swimming, this would be a disaster on the scale of Athens.

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5 minutes ago, intoronto said:

Fazzari and Mian both play world championship medalists this quad in their first match and along with Yeats all have Japan on their side of the bracket. 


Pagnotta has drawn a Korean in the first round.

Mian doesn't. Li Hui has never won a worlds medal. Other Chinese have in that weight category. Mian's issue is the Indian in the 2nd match. 

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I really got mixed around. Yeats should medal today.

By skill our wrestlers are:

1. Yeats

2. Weibe

3. Mian (she is the only one with strong internal competition in Canada)

4. Gallays

5. Lapagge

6. Fazzari

Women's wrestling is going to be the difference between a strong total medal performance and a weak one for Canada. 3 medals in wrestling should see Canada get to 20 medals. Mian needs to get to the semi-finals to have a chance at a medal since the repechage will likely go through the Japanese on her side. Fazzari just needs to win her opening match but I am thinking she will lose. Yeats gets to fight the least fancied Japanese in the quarter-finals. Should be interesting. Wrestling was the sport I did in high school, so its always a bit important for me.

PS: I remember that match in Glasgow, wrestling is weird now with the 10 point turn often distorting the actual closeness of a match. One mistake now leads to superiority by points. 

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