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Need Some Help....


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Ok, so, I made this thread because I need some help, you see, I love watching Women's Gymnastics. Especially back in the 90's. I love watching the US Trials, Individual All Arounds & Team Events.

Problem: I have to watch them online on Utube or Dailymotion, I like to watch them on TV and have them on a DVD rather than going through the internet. I was wondering if any of you guys have full videos of the following: 1992 Womens US Olympic Trials, 1992 Individual All Around, 1992 Team Event. I would be very pleased if you guys can email them to me if you have any of them. Thanks, and I'll keep looking too!

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It's ok, I've started posting on various other forms on purchasing VHS Tapes of the events.... if anyone has VHS Tapes of the following:

1992 US Olympic Team Trials

1992 Olympics (Team, AA, EF)

1994 US World Team Trials

1994 Worlds

1996 Worlds

1996 US Nationals

1996 US Olympic Team Trials

1996 Olympics (Team, AA, EF)

NOTE: I'm looking for Women Events Only.

And you are looking to sell them/give them away then please tell me.

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