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The possible marching order for PyeongChang 2018's Opening Ceremonies

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I am thinking they might do what they did in Nagano and use the English alphabet but then again, that was because of Chinese Taipei were close to marching with The People's Republic of China. I noticed in the first list there that Zimbabwe is in between the two nations but I am not 100% sure that Zimbabwe will compete in Pyeongchang  this time around.

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4 hours ago, MashaIvanova said:

What a pity that I do not know Korean! Then I could understand PyeongChang Olympics better!

I love Korean culture. This has led me to study the Korean Language. You can learn Korean by going on to this site:


Or this site:


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1 hour ago, MashaIvanova said:

Hi Pikyok,

Thanks a lot for your advice. The websites are nice. Thanks again for quoting me!

My pleasure!

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I don't even think they will care. Judging for other opening ceremonies held in Korea where NK took part, they were kind of indifferent about it. They will certainly not like if the South Korean flag doesn't shows up, though. 

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