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The Queen Elizabeth Olyimpic Park.

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The Qeen Elizabeth Elizabeth Olympic Park,

I traveld Back to london for the first time since 2012,

and visited the queen elizabeth Olympic park to see if the magic that was London 2012 is still there.

, taking in to acount that its is now winter, so the greenery isent what it was during 2012, much has been done to expand the green areas, though time will tell if the quality of the grass will be as it was in 2012. I was a bit concerned about some of the path ways that seemed to have detriated but work is still being done, so Im not sure if this will become a long term problem. The landcape tree planting is to a very high standard as are the sculptural seeting fixtures,

and the Orbit is as wonderfully beguiling as ever rearing over the park like a war of the worlds martion,The velatrom has a sign on the door saying wer'r oepn and you can come in,

which I did. Any one can sit and watch the cyclists practise for free and enjoy what is a profoundly and deeply and intensely pleasant peace of architecture both external and internal, especially for those who couldn’t see the interior during the Olympics I would say the magic of 2012 is definitely alive and kicking here.

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I visit The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park sometimes, I live on the other side of the River Thames. The Park looks brilliant, the layout is unique and the Venues look Excellent.

I live on the opposite side of the River Thames to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

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