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Olympics-related jobs?

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I just got an idea in my mind, and figured this Web site would be as good as any other place to check and see.

I've been a lifelong fan of the Olympics, and have been an 8-year veteran of working in news as well. Does anyone know the best possibility where I can converge the two?

I'm trying to learn more about being plugged in to social media, etc... But, I'm also trying to look for more opportunities to network and get my feet wet. I don't care if it's writing, shooting (still or video), or even Tweeting.

Here's a YouTube link I posted on here earlier... Bottom line is: Every time a SOG comes and goes, I end up saying to myself.. I-have-to-get-more-involved!



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In response to Baron: I actually sent Boston 2024 a message including all my credentials, so we shall we..

I'm still keeping my options open, and any feedback is welcome.

They'll be using volunteers for the first few months. Maybe once the Sept deadline passes and the rival bids are formalized, that's when I think the Boston bid would start building a paid staff.

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I worked at VANOC for a year. Generally there were 3 trajectories for getting a paid job there:

  1. Gamers, who go from games to games to games (including Commonwealth, Pans and other major international sport events).
  2. Pre-games volunteers who were significantly advantaged when they applied for roles that were advertised
  3. Folks recruited through standard HR practices.

I was in the third category, as were probably a majority of staff. The gamers were mostly in senior roles (immigrations rules usually meant they had to be managers or higher to get unfettered access to work permits); many were hired to roles they had zero experience in. Games experiences seemed to trump this.

Be advised, you'd be expected to put your life entirely on hold whilst working there. Chronic understaffing and the gamers have no clue about work/life balance.

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With the IAAF Worlds underway, it just got me to thinking how soon I can and should get an Olympics-related blog up and running.

Would this cause any conflict with the USOC or IOC?

In a perfect world, Olympic reporting is definitely the job I would be doing. Not only out of season, but especially out of season!


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