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2022 Winter Games Logo Winner Announcement (Ceremonie d'Annonce)

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You can never get too much of Conchita, can you? (Though I have to admit that, believe it or not, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard or seen that song… perfect Eurovision, or Logo Comp, fodder).

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mesdames et Monsieurs, Damen und Herren, Distinguished Guests, and ofan, Welcome back to Salzburg. It’s been a long and tumultuous (though surprisingly not as tumultuous as some past years) road to whittle down our astounding 45 starting entries one victorious design. The time has come to see which of our entries has Risen Like a Phoenix to take the mantle of GamesBids Winter Logo Champion for this year.

To make the official announcement, the honours go to Lord Sebastian Coe, who has agreed to stand in for Herr Bach who is taking a winter ski break in Sochi before joining with us again for Tokyo 2020 announcement.

Anyway, Seb? Could you and Arnie take up your places to introduce the new 2022 Winter Olympics Host and Logo Comp winner. Arnie, have you got your lighter ready?

The winner is…

aismanggo’s Melbourne!



So aismanggo defends his Winter crown and the southern hemisphere gets its first Winter Olympics. Congratulations aismanggo, you survived a tough campaign after a really hot start. Really a lot closer than many of us thought just a few rounds ago.

A round of applause, and a silver medal, to barrack who came close to celebrating a fairytale comeback after almost missing the final rounds. So close!

I see LatinX/TC is one of the first over to shake Prime Minister Abbott’s, uh, hand, to congratulate him on Australia’s highly-deserved Winter games win.

Final results were:

Borjomi (barrack) - 11 votes

Melbourne (aismanggo) - 15 votes

Taking into account krow’s re-allocated vote, it becomes:

Borjomi (barrack) - 12 votes

Melbourne (aismanggo) - 14 votes

There’s dumplings and strudel for all to celebrate. Take it easy on the cream krow, too much isn’t good for your stomach. We don’t want another mid-ceremony red carpet accident.

We’re going to take a short break before we move onto the summer logo vote. I’m going away for a few days, and won’t be back till Sunday evening. We’ll gather back in the vicinity of Japan in 3 days where many of our battle weary logo warriors face off again in Operation Olympic. Come heavily armed.

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OMG,im so thrilled!

The logo look great on the torch.thanks SirRols for the effort and again thanks for amazingly handled this competition.It is quite a though competition on the few final round as all the votes is so closed and i dont even thought that i can win this.To all the contestant,thank you for such being a good competitor and ive been thrilled to be here with all talented person.Thanks a lot to those who believe in my logo and vote for me,i really appreciate that and for those who kind feel offended with my critic,i would like to apologize and i dont have any intention to put anyone effort's down,it is just that i try to give some suggestion and constructive comment based on my point of view.nothing personal.

Thanks again everyone!

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Better late than never: Rols, all my respect for the organization of the comp. Smoothly, fair and transparent as always.

Must be said, I don't like this "Eurowhatever" kind of comp. I still rather the sole-city logo comps like the last years ones, but as I stated before, it's just an isolated opinion, if people are happy, let it go.

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