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WOG 2022 GamesBids Logo Comp  

31 members have voted

  1. 1. Which design should win the GamesBids WOG 2022 Logo Comp?

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Phew, that last round was close. With 30 members voting, there was only a point separating the top three. Unfortunately, we now see Paul's Harbin design drop out - Bye Bye Burr! Thanks for entering Paul, great to see you back in the arena and looking forward to see how your Tokyo logo fares in the 2020 section of the comp.

The final results were:

Barcelona (Danny) - 8 points

Borjomi (barrack) - 8 votes

Harbin (Paul) - 5 votes

Melbourne (aismanggo) - 9 points

All votes cast were valid.

So aismanggo's Melbourne keeps its lead from every round, but that lead has dramatically narrowed. This is not turning into the Melbourne cakewalk many expected after the first few rounds. Of the final three, I think anyone can, and deserves, to win. Let's get closer to seeing who that will be.

Okay, rules for this round:

  • This voting round will be open for (approximately) 24 hours - it will close after 7am, Thursday January 8, Sydney time (8pm Jan 7 GMT).
  • Voting will now be conducted in rounds until one entry has an absolute majority and is declared the winner.
  • In this and following rounds, the logo with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated at the close of the poll.
  • Vote in the poll for your favourite logo. You have ONE vote, so make it count.
  • Your vote is public and can be seen by all.
  • Entrants MAY now vote for their own logo if they wish.
  • Votes are valid if cast by members of GamesBids as of December 1 2014 with a bona fide posting record.
  • I will rule on the validity of any suspicious or disputed votes, or who constitutes a bona fide voting member.
  • I will not vote in this, or any subsequent rounds, unless a tie-breaker vote is needed.
  • Be fair and sportsmanlike, this is meant to be fun and the entrants all deserve RESPECT.

Good luck to all our remaining entrants!

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Congratulation to the 3 finalists....very beautiful work! I can't believe I got to hang out with you this long....Thanks to all the Harbin voters.

B gets my vote, simplicity, versatility, originality and precision. Good luck to all!


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i finally get C. it was like one of those magic eye puzzles i used to pretend i could do in the 90s. it's a diamond heart with an M in white in the middle. before it just looked like an M with a little v on the bottom. i like it more now.

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It's gotta be Barcelona.

The other two are good, but Danny's Barcelona logo is actually a realistic option.

I love the Melbourne logo in this context, but as a Melburnian I can't see it happening in reality.

I love Borjormi's simplicity - but it lacks that spirit of the Barcelona logo.


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Many people might wondering what is the idea behind my logo design other than letter "M" here is my inspiration :)


My idea when i create this logo is obviously inspired by what the city have in common that less people know . Those who have been to Melbourne will noticed that the trend on most modern building in Melbourne have a bold geometrical pattern at their facade as to resemble the modern,edgy side of Melbourne.



The main idea is taken from the new AAMI Stadium in Melbourne which have this really unique geometrical shape on the facade, i kind of try to cooperate it with a letter M and create it as a heart (love) shape as a symbolic of people of Melbourne welcome the world with all their heart.The color that i choose is half of it in a colorful vibrant color which reflect the vibe of the city and another side is a cool bluish color that represent the winter games.This multi-facade geometry also represent the rich diversity that Melbourne can offer to make it the best host of the games.


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