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Snowboarding to North Korea?

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North Korea could host some snowboard events during Pyeongchang 2018, claims Gangwon Province Governor

Pyeongchang 2018 could hold some snowboarding events in North Korea if a radical plan by Gangwon Province Governor Choi Moon-soon is adopted.

Choi has raised the possibility of a country South Korea is still officially at war with co-hosting events to ensure they feel involved in the Winter Olympics.

"We can consider symbolically sharing one or two snowboarding events with the North," he said.

"The venues don't take much money or time to build.

"One of the ways to persuade the North to participate in the Games is to share some events.

"The most realistic way is to launch a unified team.

"But if the North wants, we can consider sharing some events like freestyle snowboarding and giant slalom events with the approval of the International Olympic Committee."

Snowboarding is currently scheduled to take place at the Bokwang Snow Park.

The Dhangoon National Peace and Unification Council, representing some 120 civic groups, has been campaigning for North Korea to be involved in staging events.

They claim it would help the "nation to overcome 70 years of division and the Cold War and open the door for unification".

But Choi's idea seems unlikely to gain much traction as it has been raised at a time when relations between North Korea and the United States has deteriorated dramatically following the release of a controversial film The Interview, which is about two Americans trying to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Last month South Korean President Park Geun-hye had ruled out moving any events outside the country following claims the sliding events may be relocated to Nagano, the Japanese host of the 1998 Winter Olympics.

She also dismissed a call from Choson Sinbo, North Korea's mouthpiece newspaper published in Japan, that the the newly-opened $35 million (£21 million/€26 million) Masikryong ski resort be used to co-host some events.


Interesting to see how far this proposal goes.

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The IOC will not allow it. Do they seriously think the North Koreans will allow easy border access for spectators, media, officials and politicians?

This is not propaganda - it is propabullshit.

For that reason alone, it will not happen. Can you imagine how those entities will describe that Stalinist amusement park upon their arrival if not return back. DPR Korea is not a fun place. Stifling won't even begin to describe it--and snowboarding is one of those fun sports.

Back when South Korea was going to co-host the 2002 World Cup with Japan, there was some talk of North Korea possibly hosting some matches as its big demand (and play in that despite not qualifying) but of course that fell through.

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