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Tony E Loves Architecture

2015 Asian Cup hosted by Australia, Competition/Sweepstakes.

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The 2015 Asian Cup in Football will be hosted by Australia. 16 Countries/Teams will participate in this Tournament. So, how about a Competition/Sweepstakes.

The 16 Countries/Teams from Asia are:

Group A:

Australia (Hosts).

South Korea.



Group B:


Saudi Arabia.


North Korea.

Group C:


United Arab Emirates.



Group D:





The rules are simple. If you want to participate in this Competition/Sweepstakes, just post that you want to participate. The deadline to submit your participation is on Thursday 8th January 2015, 14:00 English Time. I will then do a random draw, to see who has what Country/Team for their Competition/Sweepstakes. Good luck and have fun. I will also be participating in this Competition/Sweepstakes.

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I done a random draw. These are Your Competition/Sweepstakes Countries/Teams:

Me (Tony E Loves Architecture): Japan.

Woohooitsme83: Saudi Arabia.

MissEurasia: Iraq.

If You still want to join, You can still enter the draw. Good Luck.

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