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So, we come to the close of the short list vote. We had a respectable 23 voters who took their time to consider their logo preferences, and it went much smoother and with less confusion than I thought or feared it might. Thanks everyone!

From my side, I found the Eurovision vote a good way to cut down that massive flood of entries down to a number that is more easily handled. On the other hand, I have to admit it was a bit more work on my part to calculate and keep up with the tallies (even now I hope I got the maths right). I’m also not sure if it kept the suspense up as it was hoped to do - we had a pretty clear front runner most of the polling time, and not as many as I hoped opted to vote privately. I’d like to hear what other people thought.

I was initially thinking we might continue with the Eurovision-style vote on the next round as well, but I think instead we may revert back to the previous, standard, IOC-based voting procedure.

In the end, I was highly surprised at some of the entries that didn’t last this cut - none of my top three made it (which shows why I shouldn't be trusted with deciding the short list on my own). But then again, cutting 45 down to 12 was always going to be brutal, bloody and leave some worthy logos by the wayside. Just like an Olympic bid race! Thanks to everyone who entered, and really strong commiserations to those who didn’t make the cut. Hope to see you again in future comps.

Anyway, what you were waiting for - the final top 12 from the tally:

Melbourne K - 110 points

Salzburg E - 67 points

Barcelona G - 65 points

Borjomi B - 61 points

Anchorage E - 59 points

Harbin E - 59 points

Barcelona E - 55 points

Melbourne H - 55 points

Harbin B - 52 points

Melbourne B - 48 points

Anchorage G - 47 points

Melbourne F - 47 points

If anyone wants the full voting breakdown and the order of the other entrants, you can view it here:

Next round vote will start shortly. Conchita’s just working on her costume change. See you there.

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Um Melbourne C got 4 from krow and 7 from you. Your spreadsheet shows me with 1 point. Credit where it is due Rolgasm...

Also both myself and krow deducted 10 points from Harbin A which was not outside your rules - dropping its score to 14.

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Melbourne c was a typo on my part - it was Melb J as per my original (unplaced) post. I think I must have put Krow's in the wrong column, to D, But doesn't affect the outcome (ditto with Harbin A - pity, I liked that one).

There's possibly or probably other mistakes - this Euro style is soooooooo fiddly. If anything's particularly wrong, blame me, but I'm going to live with it now - I've got an impatient partner behind my back pushing me to "stop this sh!t and let's go to the beach" and I'll pull the "organiser's discretion" rule and say I made it up on the fly. Thank God it's back to the poll feature for the remaining rounds, and more manageable numbers.

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And from me:

Melbourne A - 1 point

Barcelona E - 2 points

Harbin C - 3 points

Harbin A - 4 points

Salzburg D - 5 points

Melbourne J - 6 points

Melbourne J - 7 points

And the big three:

Salzburg B - 8 points

Anchorage B - 10 points

Santiago C - 12 points

With that, voting is officially closed. results to come soon.

Didn't know you could vote for a logo twice :P. Did you possibly mean Melbourne B which you mentioned alongside Melbourne J in your original post and marked down in your spreadsheet for 7 points?

Okay, I've been pondering these for a few days now, and really want to give my two cents worth. So here's my top 10, but in no particular order. You can see the points I've assigned when the results are announced:

Anchorage B - You can always count on Danny to come up with a good font and something colourful. I could see this working in real life.

Barcelona E - Not the most polished, but thumbs-up for Mr Bernham for his most original design in this.

Harbin A - You get a feel for particular members' styles after a while, and this is very much in nzl's house style. Probably my favourite of his ever - nice and cheerful and appealing and colourful.

Harbin C - I know it's mostly a clip, but I like the look and feel of this submission by Barrack. And I'm a Year of the Tiger and like animals in logos. This is how clip art can be used successfully.

Melbourne A - with a bit of polish, this could be a really good logo. Very clever concept, MissEurasia.

Melbourne B - My second pick from nil's submissions. Lots of people made use of Melbourne's triangular promotional style, but few as cleverly as he did with the M and Port Philip Bay. Well done. Probably the only thing I'd change is to use some brighter colours.

Melbourne J - Out of the battle of the twins this year, in the winter category I'd give it to Afiq. Just a nice logotype, and I really do like to see new fonts in these.

Salzburg B - Out of all the attempts to marry Salzburg's musical heritage and a winter games, I think Rob was the most successful - a snowflake with curves reminiscent of musical notes, all nicely presented in a style that screams central Europe.

Salzburg D - It's simple and I like the pastel colours. It looks a bit retro, would have been perfect for a 70s or 80s games, but it works. Nice one Anthony.

Santiago C - I'd still make the rings and the name Santiago stand out a bit more, but otherwise I've loved this art-deco type design from the moment I saw it. I like woohoo's splatter style, but think it worked best for his Tokyo logo. In the winter section, this is the pick of his entries to me.

Melbourne c was a typo on my part - it was Melb J as per my original (unplaced) post.

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I'll tell you what. If anyone wants to check the votes and spots any egregious errors in it, or my calculations, please scrutinise. I'd be the first to admit I may have stuffed up the odd points - it WAS fiddly. And I'd be embarrassed and very sorry if it caused any strife in the next rounds through an error of mine.

I've put up the poll for the next round, but put a lock on it. I've got a VERY angry hubby demanding I get away from the computer NOW - I'll do my marital duties and come back in a few hours and see if there's been any appeals launched. If so, I'll edit the next round poll and just unlock it again. Or just unlock it as it is, if no-one can spot any injustices in it.

Hope that makes it fair.

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I dunno. Dame Melba K seems to be the winner heads above the rest. Will you still hold a run-off?

Well, yeah, I've pondered that. Melb K is no doubt the hot favourite at this stage - but it only got 3 of the top scores in the voting - matched by others. Switching from the Eurovision preference style to the IOC's first past the post style of voting will put it to the test. I'm planning the next stage to cull right down to a top three - then we'll see how the preferences fall.

Why do we have a Melbourne 2022 and 2024??? I know Melbourne 2024 is for the Summer games, but Melbourne 2022 for winter???

Melbourne's about as close to ski fields as Canberra is. And Canberra's too boring. This IS fantasy, and if Beijing can be seriously aspiring to to the WOGs ...

Anyway, still at Coogee as I write this from the Carpark. Another dip or two in the surf and lay in the sun to reset the perspective, and then I'll head home and set the next stage in motion.

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