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When the main mascots were announced he was seen as just a smaller 'sidekick' character. He was described as a friend of the main mascots however it became pretty obvious pretty quickly that the public had latched onto the furry little critter and were quite vocal in preferring Mukmuk to Miga, Quatchi and Sumi.

At first there were only a few Mukmuk pins and he featured in the kids book about the mascots - however demand went through the roof and VANOC wisely put out Mukmuk stuffed toys (plush toys), keyrings, plastic figures and t-shirts which "unofficially" outsold the other mascot merchandise by a considerable amount.

I saw a small (1 metre tall) inflatable Mukmuk at the Chapters store on Robson during the Games - one of the store workers said they had been offered thousands for it :)

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Mukmuk's awesome! :)

Ruby Rose during her FOXTEL Vancouver sportscasting (for snowboarding) likes him too and wanted him upgraded to full-fledged mascot status with his popularity...even when trying to stop him from taking his own life:

As does then-BC Premier Gordon Campbell. Maybe too much...

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When I was in Vancouver I think I bought 1bout 20 Mukmuks. I couldn`t resisit but anytime I went to the Olympic Superstore and even the big one for 70 bugs in a Drugstore. I still do have them all and one is sitting on my desk at work and I even got a picture of Mukmuk framed....

I still love MukMuk and think it was one of the best nascots so far (although he never was an official one).

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