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Suggestion for Winter 2026

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The 2005 World Transplant Games in London, Ontario.

But its not the first time.  Vancouver 2020 was a bookstore.  Kelowna 2022 was the Vida Spa logo.  And Leipzig 2022 was some German athletics logo.  So what, not everyone has paint or photoshop.

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OK, deadline is about to pass.  Here are the finalists...

Montreaux, SWITZERLAND (applicant for 2022, failed to meet the shortlist)

Lake Placid, USA (host of the Games in 1932 and 1980, non-shortlisted applicant in the 2018 and 2022 race)

Santiago, CHILE (runner up to Christchurch in the 2018 contest)

Sofia, BULGARIA (candidate for the Games of 1992, 1994, 2014 and third place finalist in the 2018 race)

Stockholm, SWEDEN (host of the V Olympiad in 1912, 4th place finalist for the XXVIII Olympiad in 2004, runner up to Bucharest in the 2022 contest)

I think Krow is looking after it from here.  So see ya in Saskatoon!

the first two deadlines i think are fine. but after that it gets a little messy. there seems to be this whole big push to wrap up and finish up a bid asap, but as a result interest isn't as high as people barely have time to notice that a competition is taking place, before a winner is declared. also, that whole sordid gboc disaster is still lingering a bit in people's minds.

so in an attempt to distance this comp. from anything resembling the gboc, i'm in charge. i recommend doing four things in order to increase your chances of winning...

1) quality - this is number one because it should be. don't recycle your bid because it's easy. do something fresh and point that out every chance you get.

2) delay - no one would care if we took a vote next week. and all your hard work would be for naught. try and delay the comp as much as possible and use the time wisely not to work on your bid, but rather to raise its awareness

3) scandal - everyone loves it and it's by far the best part of these contests

4) campaign - obvious, but you people don't do it enough. troy sent out like 200 PMs for the 2018 vote and it paid off. participation has never been so high, and if you keep rushing these things it'll never be that high again.

thanks again to ryan and his cronies for making these contests devoid of even the slightest shred of credibility. without you, i have no doubt that people would still care just a little.

and thanks again to the people who have finally vested the leadership of this contest in someone who is a smidgen older than fourteen. not by much, but it's a start.

Great points Krow and very true. I've been amazed by the lack of campaigning for e last few comps _ doesn't anybody realise that it's whole key to winning these things.

AS to delay _ yeah, go too quick and nobody notices, but delay it too much and everyone also forgets. I don't think any of the comps have quite got the timing right yet, here's hoping this one does.

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I think the lack of campaigning is due to the fact that A) the last couple of bid runs were not attacked by myself or Krow - thus negating the need to push people to them and B) who cares?  These are OK fun without the bitching and sniping.  But look out - be warned - Stockholm is winning this one.

Oh and Ulan Bator withdraws on the grounds of gross stupidity.  Oh and I am claiming Kuala Lumpur 2028.

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