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Since RuFF is either incapable, too lazy, or too much of a troll to actually post this where it belongs..

This doesn't make me too happy as I love the Olympic Brand. But I think the issue of referendums is going to be a hot HOT topic for the IOC. NoBoston is headed to Rome.

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Rome 2024 bid will put Colosseum, Circus Maximus to use

Published Wednesday, February 17, 2016 12:30PM EST

ROME -- A cycling sprint alongside the Roman Forum. Beach volleyball at the Circus Maximus. The marathon passing through St. Peter's Square and finishing under the Arch of Constantine. A nightly parade of athletes at the Colosseum.

Rome's historic monuments are at the centre of the city's bid for the 2024 Olympics, details of which were revealed Wednesday as four candidates including the Italian capital submitted their first detailed bid files to the International Olympic Committee.

"Customer satisfaction is fundamental for the athletes, their families and the spectators," bid chief and former Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo said. "Here they will be able to take in the culture and touch things with their hands that maybe they have only seen on TV or studied in school."

At an extravagant presentation produced by the same company handling ceremonies for this year's Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, Rome organizers also revealed their bid theme -- "The Italian art of the welcome."

"We want to offer athletes' families the chance to travel by train to Florence and admire the Uffizi Gallery and then go to Naples and Pompeii the next day -- for free," Montezemolo said. "Who else can offer that?"

The IOC will select the 2024 host city in September 2017. Los Angeles, Paris and Budapest, Hungary, are the other bidders.

Promoting Italy's artistic heritage, Montezemolo announced that composer Ennio Morricone -- of "Spaghetti Western" fame -- would create the bid's anthem.

Relying on many venues that were used for the 1960 Games in Rome, the candidacy proposes using existing structures for 70 per cent of the required sites. The games budget is projected at 5.3 billion euros ($6 billion) -- 2.1 billion euros for the construction of permanent venues and the balance for temporary venues.

Permanent venues would include an athletes village and multi-sports arena at the Tor Vergata University on the city's outskirts, media facilities and a cycling velodrome.

The temporary venues could largely be covered by IOC contributions, organizers said.

Rome has already signed sponsorship contracts with Etihad-Alitalia airlines, the banks BNL-BNP Paribas and insurer UnipolSai , said Montezemolo, who's also president of Alitalia.

Organizers said the games would create 177,000 jobs and contribute 2.9 billion euros in economic benefits for the area.

The bid is based on three clusters: the existing Stadio Olimpico and surrounding Foro Italico complex for athletics and swimming; the Fiera convention centre near the airport for indoor sports; and Tor Vergata.

"If we had the opening ceremony tomorrow at the Stadio Olimpico, we could then host athletics or swimming immediately," Montezemolo said. "We're ready."

Diving would be held in the statue-studded Pietrangeli tennis arena while tennis is slated for a temporary hard-court facility in Tor Vergata.

The media centres would be built in Saxa Rubra, headquarters of Italian state TV Rai.

The small, left-wing movement Radicali Italiani is calling for a public referendum on the bid, citing spiraling costs of recent games.

Nino Benvenuti, a boxing gold medallist in 1960, was a guest of honour at the presentation, which drew a crowd of thousands that also included Marcello Lippi, coach of the Italy team that won the 2006 World Cup.



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Thanks to IThomas in SSC

Rome 2024 proposed Sailing venue: Cagliari

That glimpse of the Olympic Village leaves something to be desired. Is that site historic in anyway? If so, the video didn't make that clear. Otherwise, the area looks like a beautiful sailing venue.

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To give each city's supporters a chance to vote Sir Rolls developed the first stage of our own IOC 2024 vote.

You have a week to vote. if one city does not receive a simple majority over 50% of the vote, then the city with the least amount of votes will be dropped and a second round of voting will be opened for a week and so on until we get our own winner.

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Virgina Raggi had the higher scores yesterday during the first round of Rome's mayor election, and it's very unlikely she won't be elected. Since she is strongly opposed to the bid, do you guys think she could have the authority to cancel it, while the rest of the hight authorities in Italy support it?

This is not looking good for Rome 2024.

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Of course she could cancel - just removing the city government guarantee would do it. Ciao Roma :(

Edit: or even Arrivederci Roma - ciao makes no sense.

Great news for Paris though, no other West European competition - first round win?

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Let's not rule out Budapest as of yet, though we all agree it doesn't stand much a chance. But if Rome's bid is cancelled, then the IOC wouldn't have to chose between two cities (Paris and LA) but rather between 2 continents. I see Paris and LA as equally strong bids. The question would be simple then: do they want the 2024 Games to go to Europe or to America.

And, after Hamburg, Rome, and the European candidates of the 2022 Games cancelling their bids, would the IOC be mad enough to say "no" to Europe for 2024 when they know they can get the US whenever they want?

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^Rome's withdrawal would only fuel the urgency (moreso than it already is) for the IOC's need to restore their image in Europe ASAP. I'd also suspect that the higher-ups within the Italian government & the bids supporters (not to mention the IOC as well) would have several closed door meetings with this Virginia, if she's elected as Rome's new mayor, to try to get her onboard before she were to just pull the plug on the bid. So unless the IOC wants a B or C class city for 2028 (cuz none of the A classes will be back for that round), then I can't possibly see the IOC just bypassing a great European option now after all of the issues their having in Europe lately.

*they're having

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While I despise the populist "party" this lady represents, I do agree that in Italy's economic state, Rome should really not bid. All the Agenda 2020 rhethorics still won't make hosting a bargain, and there'll still be questionable sustainability.

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Rome's 2024 Olympic Bid Committee Awards Global PR Contract To Ketchum

Ketchum Sports & Entertainment Partner & President Ann Wool confirmed that the Rome 2024 Olympic bid committee has awarded a global PR contract to the firm. The work will be led from the N.Y.-based firm’s Milan office and be overseen by Business Dir Alessandra De Martino, Woo...


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