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Ah, looks like things are getting more interesting:

Rome to submit bid for 2024 Olympics, despite Rome

Link:  https://www.neweurope.eu/article/rome-submit-bid-2024-olympics-despite-rome/

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I remember their evaluation report said that hierarchies weren't in place to properly support the bid but I don't ever remember it being stated that the city didn't actually support the bid. I always thought that meant the proposed OCOG structure wasn't strong enough.

But Rome is surely the proverbial dead man walking if it decides to carry on. What's the point? Unless they think Raggi and the Five Star movement will fall before they do (not impossible I guess, this is Italy), and a pro-Olympic mayor installed before the IOC vote. 

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On 4/10/2016 at 5:22 PM, FYI said:

I don't remember ever reading that Madrid's 2016 bid didn't have the city's approval. If so, that's interesting, & it'd be even more interesting in Rome's 2024 case then.


Madrid's bid had the support of the city's government and the regional council, both controlled at the time by the People's Party, which was also the case for Madrid's 2012 and 2020 bids. There is no such precedent.

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How things changed in less of a year for the Italian tragicomedy

-The current mayor of Rome Virginia Reggi is facing charges of misuse of office while dropping her numbers drastically for lack of work.

-Matteo Renzi resigned in last December after losing a referendum (Lesson to politicians. Don't bet your political future in referendums like Cameron and Renzi). But now, he's returning albeit his father is his stone on his path of power. 

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