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The IOC - Origin of Single City Host Selection

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I understand Rule #33 of the Olympic Charter, concerning single city or country hosting of the Olympic games. Does anyone know where I can find the origin of the rule which PREVENTED join bids from Olympic cities/countries? I saw this provision was added to the Olympic charter in 1921, but I cannot find related literature about why the rule for a single city hosting model was instituted in the first place. Can anyone point me in the right direction on this, or perhaps offer guidance as to where I might find information as it relates to the origins of this rule? Again, I understand it has now been changed, but am needing to understand its origins. Thank you.

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My grand-pappy wished it. ;) He heard a voice from the ancient Greeks who said it must only be in one city -- as it was in Olympia. It was never shared with other cities; even though other games were conducted in other cities...but they were different games (Isthmian, Nemean and Pythian Games).

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Co-Hosting is allowed only if it's really needed I think. So, if Krakow didn't withdraw and Stockholm and Oslo didn't bid, then the IOC would have allowed Krakow to host, even though some events would have been hosted in Jasna, Slovakia.

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