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Eighth Annual GamesBids Olympic Logo Design Contest **Official thread/Fil officiel**

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OK time for gurl talk. For real real.

I understand why Avril hooked up with Nickelback. I mean he is Canada's answer to Jon Bon Jovi and lets be honest he has had sex with 60% of Canadian women so he is probably like an ultra good fuckk. Anyway I cant imagine after sex they had anything to say to each other. I mean at least with her fat ex-Sum 41 husband they could laugh about being faux punk and being popular in Lithuania but Nickelback is still kinda sadly a genuine worldwide star. She'll be all like 'Smile' was number one in Denmark and he will be all like 80 million bitch.

There is also the globally recognised fact that Fefe's 'Joy' album was everything 'Avril Lavigne' should have been. Sigh. I get why she is hitting the hooch.

I mean yeah she is still big in Asia but the Backstreet Boys are still big in Asia. So that ain't a thing.

All we can hope for is that Avril gets a bit sober and comes back ala Alanis and just slays. Sadly whatever she releases will just go in at number 46 on the Korean charts and we will not hear from her again unless she forms a supergroup with Hillary Duff, Mandy Moore, Vitamin C and whoever hasn't died from O Town.

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So she's only got a drinking problem? I saw her do the lame tweet asking for her fans to pray for her or some ****.

And she broke up with Nickelback douche? Wow I haven't been following her since Girlfriend/What The Hell/Over The Hedge phase. I do miss the Complicated, Happy ending and Nobody's home good old days.

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Okay, just a reminder that it's a bit over a week to get those entries in. Wishing and hoping for some last minute spectaculars.

I was gonna explain about the voting before Christmas, but I'll get around to it now between the Christmas and NY breaks - just too much to do the last week! In the meantime, Have a Very Happy Christmas everyone!

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Okay. Here are my final submissions!


The design uses all of the Olympic colors to form a skiier's path that they would take down the mountain. It also happens to form an S for Salzburg. The message behind it is to take your own path to success and be yourself. That's why all of the S's are offset.


I darkened the letters to enhance the pinks within the design. The T in Tokyo forms a Japanese cherry blossom branch with the flowers at the top. And the typography is fluid just like Japanese calligraphy. The O's in the design are all pink to show some contrast just as the red sun in the flag stands out.


I'm keeping my Anchorage logo the same. Using cool wintery colors, the design is a snowflake made of anchors. As the name of the city may suggest, it is a town centered around it's boating and fishing lifestyle. Also, the anchor is a predominant figure within the city's flag.

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